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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find the brewery in boston?

I'm in the Boston brawlers challenge and just got into the tournament. But I can't find the brewery to continue it. Can someone help me out?

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Thanks a lot!

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Heres a youtube video I made with the location, its a bit shorter than the above linked. Its just the location, Im sure you can handle it from there, was pretty easy.

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When you cross the bridge into Boston North, it's the larger red building slightly to the right. It'll be right behind the first set of buildings you pass, if I remember correctly.

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From the second from the north harbormaster location, look for a large brick building close-by to the south. There are Brewery signs on the building.

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The you tube link by Iloveplankton shows you the right direction to find brewery :)

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How should I know

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