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Where can I find Special Iron Ingots?

I found a recipe for a War Tomahawk, and I want to try it out, but I need a Special Iron Ingots, I'm not sure how to find these, and searches have turned up nothing. Can someone help, please?

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KorLeonis answered:

You need to complete a Homestead mission for the miner, not sure exactly when, but its late in the game. You get the mission in the homestead area, then meet him in the frontier. You have to defend him from a few waves of soldiers. I have never been able to craft special iron, but you get enough from this mission to make all the unique weapon recipes that I have found so far.
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Graeves answered:

They can be crafted at a later time, however, you might also find some in chests at rare occasions.
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Tyual answered:

There is a crate just a little ways down the cliff behind te horse stables nextto the manor that will give you some. I've heard its reusable once those are used up but have yet to try that. Crate acts just like a chest, O or B to loot it
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Pootbird answered:

Make sure you use them for valuable things such as the French flintlock, the assassins tomhawk in my opinion is pretty much the most decent anyways
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wraith1995 answered:

Tyual is right there is a crate just off side of the cliff behide the stables and it is reuseable i just try it and it works
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