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Chase hickey?

In the mission chase hickey I chased him for like 20min if I kill him I fail I don't understand what I'm my objective is? I even tried to punch him and my guy won't even do that?

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I got that but what button is tackle? I just run threw him

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bjohns88 answered:

This mission can be incredibly frustrating, mostly because the objectives aren't all that clear. You have to tackle Hickey (he doesn't count in the "don't tackle or shove anyone"). If you try to chase him outright, then you will probably be chasing him forever. Instead, chase him until you come to a street where you are cut off by a carriage. Immediately take a left down the street and run parallel to him. After a little ways, you'll pass by an open market area. Keep going and at the next alleyway, Hickey will turn and run straight at you. Be sure your fists are out and press square to tackle him. I'm pretty sure this is the way they intended you to catch him, but it's never all that clear. Some other players had success hitting him with a poison dart.
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MyOwnWorstNME answered:

You can also press Circle (B on 360) to tackle him.
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TheSlayerX answered:

He will just run the same pattern learn the pattern and there is a place where u can run directly infront him and spam your tackle button if not u will be shove by him so holding on the run and shove button will be usefull
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flint9250 answered:

Tackling is the answer. I spent a while on this too, but I knew what to do. I just couldn't do the bonus objective. I finally got it when Hickey got stuck on a pillar in the market lol
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Baruch_S answered:

I would NOT suggest tackling him. When I tackled him, it counted as failing the 100% sync option even though I didn't touch anyone else. Poison darts are also a bad idea because he WILL be counted as dying if the dart take full effect, and rope darts generally lead to accidental assassination if you don't let up quickly enough.

What worked for me was shortcutting through a couple alleys to get ahead of him and then doing an unarmed aerial assassination onto his head. If you run left down the road instead of trying to chase him through the brick marketplace structure, you can get to a nearby intersection before he does. Then you can scamper up a building or just hop on the nearby table and, if you just have your bare fists selected, you can do a flying jump attack to take him down without tackling him or killing him.
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Pootbird answered:

I chased the guy for ages thinking he would eventually stop >.<
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undertaker188 answered:

I agree this sequence was ridiculous. It was extremely unclear as to what you had to do with him, so my first notion obviously was to assassinate him but that wasn't the case here. Eventually after my fifth or sixth run of trying not to shove anyone, I basically said screw it and didn't care about full synchronization at that point.
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