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Asked: 2 years ago

How do you recruit more artisans?

I have done 3 of the homestead missions already, and only have one artisan, Lance. I have finished all the main sequences but no more homestead missions are showing up. How do I get more?

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You already to late dude, before you do the main mission you need to do homestead first because in every sequence u will get 1 or 2 artisans and you will get complete set on sequence 9, but if you miss the homestead mission on any sequence its mean you will never get the artisan again unless you start the game over again

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I don't understand .. everyone says that competing Homestead missions during their specific sequences is crucial .. but i found out about them way after completing the game , and done them all in the same day !
However , i cant find inhabitants to record i got all [0/3] .. maybe u can tell me how to fix that .. would much appreciated ! :)

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You need to have 100% Synch to hire more artisans

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