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Asked: 2 years ago

Underground map?

Are there any maps of the Underground areas? I can't find the last few stations.

Additional details - 2 years ago

For some reason, New York's South Market exit doesn't show up on the map.

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I have a map, but I made it on my own, paper and pencil after fully exploring the full underground on both cities. Have you blown out the walls and wood blocking some paths? There is always a Powder keg near those obstacles. And on NY there are some doors which you need to climb and make the kegs explode up of them to be able to get on the back and open them.

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I have only been fully through the Boston Underground but man is it a maze. My friend and I were playing at 2am and were getting freaked at all the weird noises down there. When we finally ran into those enemies you find in the Underground I nearly crapped lol. But as far as a map there isn't one. It gets stressful but once you explore every nook and cranny there is a full map under the select menu of every place you have visited. Lighting only the lamps that are on the paths that lead to stations is helpful too.

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Sotuh Market doesn't show on my map either, but don't worry it will still be added to the challenges completion.

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