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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I get the Washington Battlesword?

I know you have to craft the sword but I do not know where to find the recipe. I have the necessary material but where can I find the recipe for it. Thanks.

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Loot chests to get the recipe. Ubisoft was brilliant and made it so the same items almost never appear in the same chests or order. Just keep looting chests and you will eventually find it. If you have Captain Kidd's Sawtooth Blade than you might as well not bother. Washington's Battle Sword is only +1 more on speed and combo. Hope this helped.

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The recipe for the Washingto Battlesword (replica) is this: Blacksmith level 4, silver ore and a special iron ingot.

Like Pattycakes420 suggested, the recipe is located within a chest somewhere.

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