Question from Immature_Sage

Asked: 2 years ago

Where are the Aquila upgrades and what are they?

I know you get a trophy for upgrading the Aquila but where do I do/get those improvements? What are they? Do they cost money or do I make them?

Maybe someone can post a small list of what they are and their cost/ingredients as the answer? Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

From: MyOwnWorstNME 2 years ago

To upgrade the Aquila, use the ledger next to any Harbormaster, or next to Robert Faulkner in the Homestead. Upgrades and costs are:

Wooden Hull Reinforcements: 13,000
Extra Cannon: 2,500
Heat Shot: 19,000
Grape Shot: 17,000
Improved Rudder: 11,000
Naval Ram: 8,000
Piercing Shot: 9,000
Iron Hull Reinforcements (Requires Wooden Hull Reinforcements): 25,000

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