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I need to know how to get FLINT and DYE to craft the Royal Pistol and Abe's Sword?

I want to craft these because they are the only weapons I need to finish my weapon rack.


Talaeladar answered:

Craft them, both in the materials tab.
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Tigerlord23 answered:

Was gonna say the same thing. And to add to that, half the items you craft require other craftable items to craft them. You can spend $60K in one sitting easy. Much simpler and profitable to go hunt bear in Packanack. There is also a region in the northern section of the Frontier in John's Town region between two rivers that has even more bears. If you're looking at the map, it's just below the Homestead icon on the northeast side. Put a marker dead center and, especially, if you have upgraded naval convoys, you'll be a wealthy man in no time. I killed 80 bears there in about two hours and you get about $1200 per pelt (naval convoy - land convoy is a little more than half that I think).
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