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Best Pistol?

What's the best pistol in the game?

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uchihalord answered:

The best 2 pistols to have are the Pitcairn Putnam Pistols and the Royal Flintlock or Pistol, I'm not sure which it is called. But craft the duel pistol holsters and equip those 2 pistols. They have the best stats. And the Royal Flintlock Pistol is double barreled so you will have 3 shots.
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erdvilla answered:

Of those I've been able to buy/craft the French flint pistol had the best stats, being able to shot at longer range, with a good reload and short range up to the same stats as the Italian flint pistol. But there are a few I was able to craft because I spent my Special iron ingots on melee weapons before realizing they are limited.
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