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How do I get Deborah Dobby Carter? Glitch?

So I have gone through the entire map of New York and there are no more assassin recruit missions on the map, but it says I still need 50% more to get her. She doesn't even show up on the map. How do I get her? Help she is the last assassin that I need but I can't find her and when I do she doesn't say or do anything shes just there. Any Suggestions?

Harry783 provided additional details:

Yeah I know where she is the problem is all the missions are done and she isnt showing up and the missions themselves arent showing up. When I find her nothing happens

Accepted Answer

notedeath answered:

Here's a link:
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uchihalord answered:

She is in the upper left hand corner of New York. The same thing happened to me and I had to run around and find her myself. It took my a little while but she is in the upper left hand Corner of New York and when you do all of the Liberation missions she'll be waiting outside of a house NOT a tavern
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