Question from uchihalord

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I put the hood back on after I beat the game?

This is for anyone who has already beaten the game. But how do I put Ratohnhake:ton's hood back on? I liked the hood better than I like looking at his Mohawk haircut. His original hair looked a lot better in my opinion. But seriously, how the hell do I put the hood back on?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I already have all the extra outfits (except DLC Captain of the Aquilla and Colonial Assassin outfits) and I agree the Achilles outfit looks awesome, but something that bothers me about the other outfits is the arrows don't show up on the outfits! Plus I like the subtle Mohawk symbols on the Assassin Outfit. Feathers on the arrow quiver, tribal band on his arms. But I have mostly been using the Achilles outfit. I can't stand not having the hood on.

Accepted Answer

From: Pootbird 2 years ago

It looks ugly, a assassin without his hood is no assassin at all, try getting Achilles outfit, it looks pretty nice and has the hood up, if you didn't get your homestead missions done then I'm afraid you will have to wait till ubisoft patch it.

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Currently, the only way is to use another outfit (like Achilles' outfit).

Any of the standard outfit/colours will have him hood-down.

Perhaps, Ubisoft will patch this.

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