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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Is it glitched? Hunting Challenges 3: Complete hunting map Glitched? 0
Delivery Requests Bug?? Help 2
Have all Amanac pages and all 9 inventions but only 89%? 2
How do I solve (Unidentified Flying Object)? 4
How do I solve the New York Underground? 1
How do I solve winning all games on the homestead? 1
How do I start "A dangerous secret" and "Ghost of War" Downloads? 2
How do you climb the broken stairs in the grand temple to place power source 2? 1
How do you unlock every area of the maps? 3
I cant place pivots ? 5
North Boston Assassin? 7
NY West District Contact? 1
Sequence 3 Powdered carts? I did a replay back but no ammunition-- 1
Sequence 9, stealing clothes, possibly glitched? 1
South Boston delivery help? plz enter and help .... 1
Thieves Guild Set 3 didn't show up? 1
Where are the Land Convoy Merchant destinations? 1
Where do I make the 50m dive for the third frontier challenge? 4
Am I the only one that can't get the Trinity viewpoint to sync? 3
Beginning Side Quest? 2
Can't do a 3 kill combo? 1
Duncan Little isn't appearing in the tavern in North Boston. Help please? 1
Easy chest opening? 3
Encyclopedia of the Common Man Help?? 3
Homestead Mission: The Proper Tools? 3
How do I fet a pivot in a house? 1
How do I get Deborah Dobby Carter? Glitch? 2
How do I scan the Lumbers? 1
How do I solve (New York Magic Lantern solution)? 4
How do I solve Man-Eater? 2
How exactly do you defend your attacked convoy? 1
How to "Catch a courier"? 1
I've been invited to join the Hunter club, but I can't find the Hunter's outpost? 2
Is it better for the map up on the trees? 1
Liberation Contract? 3
Magic Lantern Puzzle (double headed eagle of the east)? 1
Mini Game? 1
My homestead missions wont show up after i completed most of them? 3
Nine Man's Morris? 3
Tracker Grid? 1
Where can i find jaegers for the brawler challenges after completing the game? 1
Where can I look at the club challenge progression? 1
Where do i listen to all Washingtons conversations? 1
Where do you find guard dogs to lure away using bait? 2
Where is the man-eater Quest? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Any1 got 1 sharpshooter code that can give me? 1
Aquila colours? 1
Bow and Arrow Issues?? :( 6
Can I keep the weapons I pick up? 1
Can I send all of one kind of resources on one convoy? 1
Deborah Carter? 1
getting no pelt when I hunt ? 2
Homestead missions help? 3
How do I equip captain kidd's sawtooth cutlass? 2
How do I get to the feather at the very top of the map? 2
How do I see the recipes I get? 1
How to fix a stuck pivot? 3
How to get the Trophy "The Art of Conversation?" 2
Hunting Location? 1
I can't get any more special iron ingots? 6
I need to know how to get FLINT and DYE to craft the Royal Pistol and Abe's Sword? 2
Money problems? 2
No more ingots? 3
Pontiac's Warclub :? 4
Rope darts? 1
Royal Pistol glitch? 3
Shard of eden? 1
Trouble with Multiplayer relics? 1
Twin Holsters Help? 1
Warrior costumes? [Multiplayer] 1
What other outfits should appear in the Manor basement? 4
when does the mayan temple mission and sawtooth sword (DLC content) become available? 3
Where can I find (Silver Ore)? 1
Where can I find a special iron ingot? 3
Where can I find first ingredient for soap? 1
Where can I find my tomahawk ?? 3
Where can I find redwood lumber? 1
Where can I find the brewery in boston? 6
Where can I find the central boston chest as Haytham? 1
Where can I find the clothes u buy from the general store? 2
Where can I find the Pirate Flintlock Musket from the DLC in the Box? 2
Where can I get cow hide? 4
Where can I get the Desmond Miles outfit??? 2
Where can I get the Washington Battlesword? 2
Where to listen Washington and stuck at 66% Assassination Contract ? 5
Best Pistol? 2
Can anyone tell me when you get the white assassin outfit? 1
Can i use abe's sword?? 4
Can't find the mission? 2
DLC/Pre order stuff nowhere to be seen? 3
Do the items I buy while playing as Haytham go to Connor? 1
Do you still buy armor in AC3? 2
Dual pistol? 1
Embarrassing question but, where the heck are the shops?! 2
Feathers? 1
Free Erudito points? 2
Help with the dual holster? 2
How do I get another convoy? 1
How do i repair a stage coach? 1
How do I use 2 of the same pistol? 1
How do you find all the trinkets in the frontier? 1
How many almanac pages can Haytham obtain? 1
I crafted an item but cant equip it? 1
I've brought outfits from the store and they don't show up on the stands in the manor basement? 3
Is normal that the Tailor stops selling stuff? 2
Is the Hidden Secrets Pack DLC the same as? 1
Is there a way to get Captain of Aquila and Colonial Assassin outfit without Pre-order? 1
Last Frontier Feather? 2
Missing Treasure Chest? 1
Opening Chests? 1
Tomahawks? 1
UPlay unlockables - Pouch Upgrades? 1
Weapon from DLC wont show help? 2
What are the different plate trophies? 1
What is better, Washington Battlesword or Lincoln's Sword? 1
What is the best Tomahawk? 3
Where are the Aquila upgrades and what are they? 1
Where are the Peg Leg Trinkets? 2
Where can I find (DaVinci flying machine) ? 1
Where can I find Beavers? 2
Where can I find Big Dave's hammer parts?? 3
Where can I find Cow Hide? 1
Where can I find sewing threads ? 1
Where can I find Special Iron Ingot? 4
Where can I find Special Iron Ingots? 5
Where can I find the different clubs located in Assassin's Creed 3? 1
Where do I unlock the flintlock musket? 1
Where do you find people so you can make more items in the homestead? 1
Where I can find bobcats and cougar? 2
Where is the Encyclopedia of the Common Man? 2
Why are there No Pivots? 4

Other Help Answers
PS Vita Cross content-Wallpaper? 0
Quick SP question? 0
When you set a clan member as a deputee, what does it mean? 0
A list of in game screen icons and symbols? 1
AC3 game wont go past sequence 9 mission 6 wont go past father and son? 2
Anyone have a NOS energy drink Sharpshooter code for Ps3? 2
Anyone have Assassin's Creed 3 Redcoat Code to trade for PS3? 2
Artisans level help? 2
Boston north district liberation contact? 1
Can someone get me a save? 1
Can you change your assassin recruit's weapons? 2
Cant buy erudito points? 1
Catching traitor in Westpoint mission? 1
Cheats? 1
Connor hairstyles ? 3
database entry missing(Stephane Chapheau),how to get it? 1
Deborah Carter Glitch??? 4
Do I buy shops like in AC revelations? 4
Do the added levels to the PS3 version actually enhance the story? 1
Do u need the recipe to craft an item? 2
Dobby Carter as an assasssin? 1
Does any one know how to use the "Accounting Book" in AC3? 2
Does anybody has a NOS ENERGY DRINK code for sharpshooter? 1
Frontier Scripted Notoriety? 3
Frontiersmen Glitch? 2
Glitched pivot? 4
Homestead missions missing? 3
How can I get back connors hair after completing the game? 4
How did it go from Assassins to Templars to Assassins? 2
How do I double parry in the tea party mission? 1
How do I get to the top of the tree? 1
How do i recruit assassins? 2
How do you recruit more artisans? 3
How to lose your sword if you've already opened every chest? 3
Is the Boston Brawler tournament replayable? 1
Is the Season Pass linked to your PSN, or just your HDD? 1
Jacob Zenger stuck at 90% what should I do? 2
Just finished the game, did I permanently miss any trophy? 2
Landmark location help? 1
Leveling to make new stuff? 1
Maximum Trading Profit? 1
Mulitplayer Trophys without UPlay Pass? 1
Multiplayer problem ? 1
My assassins group?? 1
North New York Liberation icon is missing, anyone know what to do? 3
Not to be bloodthirsty - but what do I need to be able to kill soldiers/foes? 3
Outfits dont move to a new file after beat the game? 1
Pre-Ordered & never heard about Captain of Aquila & Colonial Assassin? 3
Ps3 control setup? 1
Recruiting Artisans? 4
Replaying missions? 1
Resetting convoys? 2
Sequence 7-8 jumping glitch?? 1
Thanksgiving Patch? 1
The truth will out? 1
Ubisoft multiplayer code problem? 1
What do convoys do? 1
What do I do outside the animus when I see Juno? 2
What does the star next to a level means in Multiplayer? 1
What sequence can i start Peg leg trinket? 1
When will the patches get here? 1
Where can I do crafts in Boston? 2
Where can I find Beavers in Valley Forge? 2
Where is the gameplay that was shown at E3? 3
Why did many people dislike Assassin's Creed 3? (spoilers are OK) 1
Abstergo score? 1
Are the assassins creed 3 side missions like Boston Brawler replayable? 1
Beaver in Valley Forge? 2
Can you play as young Connor again? 5
Do you really need to use the Hunting in the game really after the begging of Conner's story? 2
Does cloud sinc do anything? 1
Does holding R1 make you climb buildings faster? 2
Frontier Feather? 2
Game keeps crashing during the Homestead Mission "Silent Killer"? 1
Headless horsemen? 1
How do I access "The Tyranny of King Washington" DLC? 2
How do I Assign assassin to defend convoy?? 1
How do i disable weapons on Conner? 3
How do i get Iron and Silver ore to craft things? 1
How do I put the hood back on after I beat the game? 2
How do i recuit assassian's? 1
How do you upgrade assassin recruits? 1
How high can you level all the recruits? 1
Hunting Society glitch? 1
I cannot buy items in stockpile even if there?? 1
I need help blending in sequence 2. Please? 1
I need help finding recruits? 1
if i didn't like ACII will i not like this? 4
Issue with Sequence 4, Mission 3 replay (Hunting Lessons)? 1
Lexington Fox? 1
Missing homestead mission icon? 1
Multiplayer maps? 1
Platinum trophy rewards? 1
Prize for 100% sync? 2
Stuck as adult Connor? 1
Trophy help? 3
What are saddle bags for? 1
What are the best weapons? 1
What is AOB? 1
What is the code used for? 1
What mission is the crossover in liberation and this one? 3
Where are all the emails? 2
Where can I find the armoury in davenport homestead? 2
Where in the Artbook from the Special Edition is Page 11? 2
where is Big Dave? 1
Where is the location of the entrance of the Grand Temple? 1
Why cant i find a convoy to rob? 4

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