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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.52 | Updated: 01/28/14

Shops (Continued)

General Stores

Normal WeaponsNormal Sword700Sequence 06ConsumablesArrows10Sequence 06
French Rapier3,955Sequence 06Cartridges15Sequence 06
Light Cavalry Saber3,500Sequence 06Rope Darts125Sequence 06
Hanger Sword1,250Sequence 06Poison Darts225Sequence 06
French Cutlass1,575Sequence 06Trip Mines150Sequence 06
Officer's Sword5,000Sequence 06Smoke Bombs50Sequence 06
Cuttoe Sword4,100Sequence 09Snares15Sequence 06
Blunt WeaponsGunstock War Club6,500Sequence 06Baits5Sequence 06
Wooden War Club2,650Sequence 06MapsFrontier - Chests3,000Sequence 04
Stonehead War Club3,850Sequence 09North Boston - Chests1,000Sequence 04
Small WeaponsAssassin Tomahawk-Sequence 06Central Boston - Chests1,500Sequence 04
Iron Tomahawk2,475Sequence 06South Boston - Chests1,000Sequence 04
Stone Dagger450Sequence 06NY North - Chests2,000Sequence 04
Iron Dagger2,450Sequence 06NY East - Chests2,500Sequence 04
Dirk3,750Sequence 06NY West - Chests2,000Sequence 04
Heavy WeaponsHessian Axe3,650Sequence 06Black Creek - Feathers2,500Sequence 04
French Naval Axe5,450Sequence 06John's Town - Feathers2,500Sequence 04
Boarding Axe7,000Sequence 09Monmouth - Feathers2,500Sequence 04
FirearmsFlintlock Pistol-Sequence 06Lexington - Feathers2,500Sequence 04
Duckfoot Pistol5,999Sequence 06Page Map5,000Sequence 04
Double-Barrel Pistol8,250Sequence 09Trinket Map3,000Sequence 04


Starting in Sequence 06, the ledger next to every Harbormaster, including Faulkner, can be used to purchase upgrades for the Aquila. Although extremely expensive, these upgrades can help with completing the naval optional objectives for 100% synchronization.

Wooden Hull Reinforcements13,000Increases the ship's resilience, by reducing damage sustained during enemy attacks.
Extra Cannon2,500Increases the amount of damage dealt during broadsides.
Heat Shot19,000New ammunition: burning cannonballs that are great against Man-of-war vessels.
Grapeshot17,000New ammunition: chained cannonballs that break masts and disable a ships movement.
Improved Rudder11,000Improves maneuverability.
Naval Ram8,000Increases the amount of damage dealt when raming smaller vessels.
Piercing Round9,000New ammunition: increases the swivel guns damage.
Iron Hull Reinforcements25,000Further increases the ship's defenses after you have bought the Wooden Hull.


These are outfits that change the appearance, not the effectiveness, of Connor's abilities.

NameCostUnlock Condition
Assassin Outfit--
Boston Outfit500Sequence 06
Jamestown Outfit1,500Sequence 06
Charleston Outfit3,000Sequence 06
New York Outfit1,000Sequence 09
Philadelphia Outfit2,000Sequence 09
Baltimore Outfit2,500Sequence 09
Altaïr's Outfit-Complete all main missions with all Optional Objectives
Captain Kidd's Outfit-Complete the Oak Island Captain Kidd mission
Achilles' Original Outfit-Complete Achilles' Painting mission
Kanien'kehá:ka Outfit-Collect all Feathers
Ezio's Outfit-Uplay

Enemy Attack Weaknesses

Combo KillWeakWeakWeakImmuneImmune
Kill StreakWeakWeakWeakImmuneImmune
Weapon SwipeWeakImmuneWeakWeakImmune
Defense BreakWeakWeakWeakWeakImmune
Ranged AttackWeakWeakWeakWeakWeak
Counter KillWeakWeakImmuneImmuneImmune
Counter DisarmWeakImmuneWeakWeakWeak
Counter ThrowWeakWeakWeakImmuneImmune
Special CounterWeakWeakWeakWeakWeak


The most common archetype for the first half of the game, they are also the weakest enemy.

  • With no resistances to any of the players attacks, they can be taken out quickly, easily, and from a distance.
  • When part of a group soldiers not only are a great way to start a kill streak, but killing them quickly can turn the tide of a battle from dangerous to manageable.


Unlike snipers in the previous games, these tend to run in groups as guards on high rooftops in forts designed to let them see everything around them.

  • At close range they fight identical to soldiers.
  • At range, they will shoot at the player from a safe distance as long as he is in sight.
  • Snipers bodies provide an excellent distraction to troops below; simply throw it off and head off while the troops investigate, but beware that you will stand out more if you are in the area while they investigate.


Officiers often head many patrols and search nearby hiding places to detect Connor.

  • Officiers may be immune to Counter Kills, but die in a kill streak. Make sure to start a counter and then kill these when these are in the group.
  • Ranged weapons are great for taking care of these guys.
  • Officers like to draw their pistols on you. If they do, attack them to break their attack.


The Snitch does not fight, but runs away to get more troops, kill these first.


Slower than many troops, they are extremely aggressive.

  • These appear primarily in later sequences as patrols and sentries.
  • These are immune to Counter Kills and Kill Streaks, so Weapon Swipe or Counter Disarm them to take them out at the start of battle.
  • The Slam Attack special is avoidable by rolling with O/B or Weapon Swiping. If the player rolls behind the Grenadier then an instant kill from behind can be employed. Also, if they hit another enemy they will kill them instantly.


Scouts are not only quick and agile, but have an odd set of resistances.

  • Scouts run faster than Connor in a straight out race, so if the player wishes to escape they will need to use other tactics such as breaking line of sight.
  • Scouts are immune to almost all attack except Counter Kills and Kill Streaks. Wait for an opening to engage and kill them instantly.


As the games tutorials will teach you the basics of online play, I will be covering only non-strategic info and lists of challenges and progression.


PS3Xbox 360Command
L AnalogL StickCharacter Movement
R AnalogR StickCamera Movement
D-PadD-PadTaunt, Switch Target (Team Modes), Select Abilty Set (during respawn)
XAFast Walk, Sprint/Jump
OBPush, Drop, Vault over object
SquareXAssassinate, Stun
TriangleYUse Ability Skill 3
L1LTLock Target
R1R2High Profile
L2LBUse Ability Skill 1 (hold to throw)
R2RBUse Ability Skill 2 (hold to throw)
R3R3Reset Camera
StartStartPause Menu
SelectBackDisplay extra information (player list, etc)

Multiplayer Menu

There are various tabs in the main menu of Multiplayer mode that the player can cycle through with R1/RT and L1/LT. Each menu has its own main purpose as follows:


  • The progression menu will track your progress and check your current level and experience. Note that Abstergo Storyline entries are unlocked by leveling up, while Erudito entries are unlocked by completing Challenges.


  • The customization menu is where the player can customize their abilities via Ability Sets and the appearance of the characters. The player can also customize your player profile by selecting emblems, pictures, titles, etc.


  • The home menu is where the player accesses the game sessions.

Abtergo Social:

  • The social menu will track all info and interactions with your friends.

News and Data:

  • As the title indicates, this menu is for any news from Abstergo on updates, etc.


Kill Bonuses
BasicKill your target from the ground.+100
AerialKill your target from rooftop to ground.+100
AcrobaticKill your target while climbing or crouching.+200
HiddenKill your target while hidden in a crowd, on a bench or in a haystack.+300
GrabKill your target from below while your target is on a rooftop.+450
ContestedKill your target at the same time your target stuns you.+100
GunKill your target with the Pistol ability.+100
Poison DartKill your target with the Poison Dart ability.+200
Action Bonuses
First BloodPerform the first kill of the session.+50
ExecutionKill your target with the Pistol ability while he or she is running.+100
Mid-AirKill a jumping target with the Pistol ability.+100
ChainPerform two main actions in 10 seconds (kill, escape, stun).+50
Multiple EscapeEscape from 2 or more pursuers at the same time.+100
Close CallEmpty the Escape Timer with your pursuer in a range of 10 meters.+50
RevengeKill your previous pursuer before s/he's by another player.+50
AmbushKill or stun your target with less than 1 second of line of sight with them.+100
SaviorKill your target when they're less than 10 meters away from their own target.+50
PoacherKill your target while another of their pursuers is in a range of 10 meters.+50
Ground FinishPerform a finish move on a target killed by another player.+50
PoisonKill your target with the Poison ability.+200
GroundedKill your target while s/he is stunned.+50
LureHave an opponent kill or stun a civilian lookalike that you spawned using an ability.+100
InterceptedA poisoned target is killed by another player.+50
VarietyEarn 5/10/15 different bonuses in a session.+200/400/600
Defense and Escape Bonuses
StunStun a pursuer.+200
Honorable DeathTry to stun a pursuer and at the same time your pursuer kills you.+100
Basic EscapeSuccessfully escape while the Escape Timer is red.+100
Out of SightSuccessfully escape while the Escape Timer is yellow.+150
HiddenSuccessfully escape while the Escape Timer is blue.+200
BrutalEscape on a stun.+200
Approach Bonuses
IncognitoKill your target while your Approach Meter is full.+350
SilentKill your target while your Approach Meter is above the Silent threshold.+250
DiscreetKill your target while your Approach Meter is above the Discreet threshold.+150
RecklessKill your target while your Approach Meter is above the Reckless threshold.+50
FocusKeep the kill or stun button icon displayed above a target or pursuer for 3 secs.+150
Team Bonuses
ReviveHelp a stunned ally stand up.+50
x2 Multi Kill2 kills are performed in a period of 3 seconds by the player or a teammate.+100
x3 Multi Kill3 kills are performed in a period of 6 seconds by the player or a teammate.+250
x4 Multi Kill4 kills are performed in a period of 9 seconds by the player or a teammate.+400
Knock-OutYour team stuns 2 pursuers in a period of 3 seconds and you are involved in at least one of them.+100
AssistA teammate kills/stuns a target/pursuer locked by the player.+50
Assist StunStun a pursuer locked by a teammate.+50
Assist KillKill a target locked by a teammate.+50
OpportunistKill a target chased by a teammate.+50
DiversionA teammate killed the target you were chasing.+50
RescuerStun a pursuer who was chasing a teammate.+50
RescuedThe player's pursuer has been stunned by a teammate.+50
Mode Bonuses
Hidden AloneManhunt - Earned when the player is hidden (blend, bench, haystack) as a prey.+10
Team HiddenManhunt - Earned when the player is hidden with 1 to 3 teammates in range.+20-50
Artifact StolenArtifact Assault - Earned when the player steals the opponent's artifact.+150
Artifact ScoreArtifact Assault - Earned when the player carries back the opponent's artifact in his/her own base.+500
SupportArtifact Assault - Earned when the player kills/stuns an opponent in a range of 20 meters of a teammate carrying the artifact.+50
RecoveryArtifact Assault - Earned when the player returns a stolen artifact to the player's base by picking it up or killing the carrier.+50
CaptureDomination - Earned when the player captures an enemy-controlled territory.+250
DefenseDomination - Earned when the player kills the last attacker in a territory with the capture gauge below 25%+50
Zone SecuredDomination - Earned when the player refills the capture gauge to 100%+50
DominationDomination - Earned every 5 seconds when the team owns all the territories.+50


The ApothecaryUse Poison after focusing a target.x5+1,500
The ArtfulUse Knives to knock down a climbing player.x5+1,000
The ChameleonPerform a stun while in a morphed crowd.x10+750
The CleanerUse Wipe and kill a target or stun a pursuer.x5+1,000
The Clear SightedUse Disruption to confuse and kill a target.x5+1,000
The CleverUse Closure to block a pursuer.x1+1,000
The DeceiverStun a pursuer while using Disguise.x5+1,000
The DefensiveUse Animus Shield to block another player's ranged weapon.x1+1,500
The DistractorUse Disruption to confuse and stun a pursuer.x5+1,500
The EvaderUse Teleport while less than 10 meters away from a pursuer.x5+1,000
The FiercePerform a kill or a stun while being poisoned.x5+1,000
The GenerousUse a Money Bomb to reveal and kill a blended target.x5+750
The GhostUse Glimmer to kill a target.x5+750
The HerbalistPoison one target and kill another before the poison takes effect.x1+1,500
The ImpassiveUse Animus Shield to block a bomb then kill a target or stun a pursuer.x5+1,000
The Knife ThrowerUse Knives to slow down and kill a target.x10+750
The LiarKill a target while using Disguise.x5+750
The MagicianUse a Smoke Bomb to stop and stun a pursuer.x10+750
The MarauderUse a Smoke Bomb to stop two or more players.x5+1,500
The Master HunterUse a Tripwire Bomb to stop and kill a target.x1+1,500
The NobleUse Bodyguard to stun a locked pursuer.x5+1,000
The ObservantUse Morph or Mass Morph to reveal and kill a target.x1+1,500
The PistolierUse the Pistol to kill a jumping or running target.x5+1,000
The PreciseUse the Pistol to kill a target from afar.x5+750
The Puppet MasterMake another player kill your Decoy or Bodyguard.x5+1,000
The PyrotechnicianUse Firecrackers and kill a blinded target.x5+750
The Quick ThinkerUse Wipe to counter a ranged weapon, a Bomb or Teleport.x1+1,500
The ShamanUse Teleport to cross the frontier in team game modes.x5+750
The SlyUse a Tripwire Bomb to stop a pursuer.x5+750
The SpiritualistUse Glimmer to stun a pursuer.x5+1,000
The TrapperUse Closure to block and kill a target.x1+1,000
The Trouble MakerUse a Money Bomb to form a crowd and slow down your pursuer.x1+1,000
The VanquisherUse Firecrackers and stun a blinded pursuer.x1+1,000
The ArtistPerform a kill worth at least 700 points.x5+750
The Bird of PreyEarn an Aerial Kill bonus.x20+750
The Good SamaritanRevive a teammate.x10+1,000
The InventiveKill or stun a target using the environment.x10+750
The Killing MachinePerform 2 kills in less than 7 seconds.x5+1,000
The MediumKill a target that is close to at least 2 lookalikes.x10+750
The PerfectionistEarn a Greater Variety bonus.x20+1,000
The ResourcefulEarn an Extreme Variety bonus.x5+1,500
The Serial KillerPlay a game session with every character.x1+2,000
The Silent MasterEarn a focus bonus.x5+1,000
The UnseenEarn a Hidden Kill bonus.x10+750
The VengefulEarn a Ground Finish bonus.x20+750
The VersatileEarn a Variety bonus.x50+750
The AmbitiousEarn the First Blood bonus.x5+750
The AudaciousSurvive at least 15 seconds while hearing whispers.x5+1,500
The ChangelingTrigger a Mass Morph or a Silent Mass Morph.x10+1,000
The CompetitorActivate 2 Kill Streaks in a single game session.x5+1,500
The CraftyPerform 2 stuns in less than 7 seconds.x5+1,500
The FighterPerform 4 stuns without dying.x1+1,000
The GatekeeperUse a Chase Breaker to escape.x10+1,000
The InquisitorTaunt then kill or stun another player.x1+1,500
The Mass MurdererKill 10 targets in a single game session.x1+1,000
The PatriotScore at least 6,000 points in a single game session.x1+1,000
The ProvokerTaunt a target you have just stunned or killed.x10+750
The PsychicTrigger an Animus Hack or a Silent Animus Hack.x5+1,500
The RunawayEarn the Multiple Escape bonus.x1+1,500
The SagaciousStun your pursuer and kill your target within 7 seconds.x10+1,500
The Stealth MasterEarn 3 Incognito bonuses in a single game session.x5+1,000
The UsurperTake the lead in the last 20 seconds and keep it until the session ends.x1+1,500
The VigilantStun a pursuer who is near 1 teammate.x20+1,000
The WrestlerStun a pursuer.x50+1,500
The CollaboratorComplete 10 sequences in a row in a Wolfpack game session.x5+750
The ConquerorHave all territories captured in Domination for at least 10 seconds.x1+1,500
The ConquistadorCapture a zone occupied with at least 2 opponents in Domination.x5+1,000
The Cool-HeadedSuccessfully complete a Sync-Kill in Wolfpack session.x5+1,000
The Dark BearWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Bear.x1+1,000
The Dark CarpenterWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Carpenter on Virginian Plantation.x1+1,000
The Dark CommanderWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Commander.x1+1,000
The Dark HessianWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Hessian on Fort Wolcott.x1+1,000
The Dark HuntsmanWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Huntsman on Animus Core.x1+1,000
The Dark IndependentWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Independent.x1+1,000
The Dark Lady MaverickWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Lady Maverick on New York Brewery.x1+1,000
The Dark MountebankWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Montebank.x1+1,000
The Dark Night StalkerWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Night Stalker on Boston Harbor.x1+1,000
The Dark PioneerWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Pioneer.x1+1,000
The Dark PreacherWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Preacher.x1+1,000
The Dark RobberWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Robber on Boston North End.x1+1,000
The Dark Strong ManWin a Wolfpack session playing as the Strong Man on Northwest Passage.x1+1,000
The DeathlessStay alive for 60 seconds in Deathmatch.x10+1,000
The EnduringEarn a Multi-Kill bonus in any team mode or Wolfpack.x25+750
The EradicatorKill a target that is holding the Artifact.x5+1,000
The HighwaymanScore an Artifact in an Artifact Assault game session.x5+1,000
The InfiltratorEarn 200 points of Hidden Bonuses in Manhunt.x10+1,000
The PunisherStun, acquire and kill a pursuer within 10 seconds in an Assassinate game session.x5+1,000
The Show-OffTarget an opponent from across the frontier in team game modes.x10+750
The VultureKill a target that has just performed a kill in an Assassinate game session.x5+1,000
The Wolfpack LeaderWin a Wolfpack session on all maps.x1+1,000


Action Accolades
The DrunkardWas stunned most often.
The Escape ArtistEscaped the most.
The ExpertHad the best single kill score.
The MasterEarned the most incognito bonuses.
The ProfessionalHad the best kills/death ratio.
The SavageHad the most contested kills.
The SaviorRevived the most allies.
The SlayerHad the most kills.
The StalkerEarned the most Focus bonuses.
The StunnerPerformed the most stuns.
The UnstoppableHad the longest Kill Streak.
The ViciousPerformed the most Grounded Finishes.
The WingmanEarned the most Assist Bonuses.
Style Accolades
The GargoyleSpent the most time on rooftops.
The HackerPerformed the most Animus Hacks.
The ImmortalStayed alive the longest.
The ImproviserUsed the greatest variety of Abilities.
The MimicWas morphed or disguised the longest.
The PoisonerPoisoned the most targets.
The Sacrificial LambThe first to die.
The ShadowSpent the most time hidden.
The SniperHad the most Pistol kills.
The SurvivorDied the least.
The TargetDied the most.
The UntouchableWas never killed.
The VictimSpent the most time afflicted by Abilities.
The WandererSpent the most time walking.
8+4 Modes Accolades
The Alpha WolfHad the best kill score in Wolfpack.
The DespotCaptured the most territories.
The ElusiveWas acquired the least.
The GluttonScored the most Artifacts.
The LurkerSpent the most time blended with an ally.
The MoleGot the most Defense bonuses.
The MonsterScore the most Multi-Kills.
The PracticiedHas the most kills without being stunned.
The SneakerWas revealed the least by targets.
The StalwartKilled the most Artifact thieves.
The VisionaryRevealed the most pursuers.

Trophies & Achievements

Main Story Milestones
TitleDescriptionPS3Xbox 360
Rude AwakeningEnter the Animus at the start of the storyBronze10
Mystery GuestComplete Sequence 01 and Sequence 02Bronze20
How D'ya Like Them ApplesComplete Sequence 03Bronze20
Heroes are BornComplete Sequence 04Bronze20
The Day the Templars CriedComplete Sequence 05Bronze20
Criss CrossComplete the Skyscraper mission as DesmondBronze20
Tea is for EnglishmenComplete Sequence 06Silver20
The Whites of Their EyesComplete Sequence 07Silver20
Caged WolfComplete Sequence 08Bronze20
Daddy DearestComplete the Stadium mission as DesmondBronze20
Two if by SeaComplete Sequence 09Silver20
Grim ExpectationsComplete Sequence 10Bronze20
The End is NighComplete the Abstergo mission as DesmondSilver20
Difficult EndComplete Sequence 11Bronze20
The Sum of TruthComplete Sequence 12Gold50
No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedOpen the vault in the Grand Temple and learn Desmond's fateSilver20
Fin.Complete the brief "Epilogue Missions" that follow the end creditsSilver30
Side Quests & Optional Accomplishments
House PartyRecruit your first artisan on the HomesteadBronze10
Monopoly ManSend at least one convoy to deliver goods to a merchant in all possible destinations: Boston, New York, and the FrontierBronze10
Blowing in the WindRetrieve every page of an AlmanacBronze20
Patent Not PendingCraft one of the Franklin-era inventions to decorate the Homestead ManorBronze10
Original GamerWin a game of Fanorona, Bowls, and Morris on the HomesteadBronze20
A Complete SetSee all optional characters settled at the HomesteadSilver20
An Extraordinary ManComplete the Encyclopedia of the Common ManBronze10
Coureur des BoisSell an undamaged animal pelt at every General Store in the gameBronze10
Magna cum LaudeTrain a single recruit to the maximum rankBronze20
By Invitation OnlyBe invited to join a clubBronze20
In Good StandingComplete all challenges for a single clubSilver30
Man of the PeopleLiberate all districts in Boston or New YorkSilver20
TumblehomeObtained once you purchase a first upgrade for the Aquila via the ledger found next to each HarbormasterBronze10
Entrepreneur, not Pirate!Complete all Privateer ContractsBronze20
All Washed UpComplete all Naval MissionsSilver40
Bring Down the HouseObtain a trinket for Peg Leg, then complete Fort Wolcott MemoryBronze20
Kidd GlovesAfter collecting all 24 trinkets and finishing all other Peg Leg Missions, complete the Oak Island MemoryBronze30
PerfectionistComplete all main story Memories with 100% Synchronization ratingSilver50
MultitaskingComplete 50% of all DNA Tracker grid entriesBronze20
CompletionistComplete all DNA Tracker grid entriesSilver50
Head in the CloudFind all pivots and synch the Animus to the Cloud in the post-story online side questSilver20
PersonalizedCustomize your Multiplayer profile and avatarBronze10
Winning TeamBe on the winning team at the end of a Multiplayer game sessionBronze20
Hunter/KillerReach Sequence 10 on a map in Wolfpack modeBronze20
Abstergo EntertainmentReach Level 20Silver10
The Truth Will OutUnlock a hacked version of an Abstergo videoSilver20
Unique Feats
Spit RoastAssassinate an opponent with a loaded musket and then press Triangle/Y to shoot through the body to kill a second enemyBronze20
Circus ActKill 15 guards with a single cannon shot (Battle of Monmouth)Bronze10
Prince of ThievesLoot a convoy without killing any of its guardsBronze10
PredatorHang five enemies by using Rope DartsBronze10
Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye!Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shieldBronze10
Jager BombAfter reaching maximum Notoriety, hunt and kill 10 JagersBronze20
Eye WitnessWitness a predator (bear, bobcat, cougar) killing an enemyBronze10
Master AssassinGet every trophyPlatinum-

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