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Asked: 3 years ago

Lock n' Load help?

I have found 9 of the 10 weapons and can not find the last one. If anybody can list them it would be great. Thanks.

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Well, I can't name them all, but I'm guessing you need either the Satelite Quake or the one that disables every car for 2 seconds, cause all the other ones are kinda easy to get, the 2 I named are the very best and are usually finding a needle in a hay stack, but if you wanna test it, go to arena mode in Free Play, and if you must have a 2nd controller, alot easier cause you can choose the weapons you wanna use...... that's the way I did it anyways

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Machine Gun
Troika Missiles (3 shots)
Missile (1 shot)
Skate Jack
Impact Mine
Drop Mine
Satellite Quake
Satellite Blitz
Leech (only found in a Battle Race when you are in last place)

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