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How do I get past Nighthawk side quest?

I dont know where the "location of the aircraft" is.

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gcarlin answered:

The quest Nighthawk can not be completed until you are in Act III which is the Jungle where the plane has landed. For now just ignore it until you advance further into the game and with fast travel turning in the quest is very easy.
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Wildehart answered:

Jungle but its later in the game.
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OwenBJ answered:

As already said, it's in the jungle. However, when in the jungle I noticed tracking issues with the quest, wherein my quest route marker would take me into a small village west of the quest and then insist I somehow morph through an impassable rock face to get to the bunker. What you'll end up having to do is go north, follow the road south, then come in from the east. The entrance will seemingy be blocked by the foliage, but you can pass through it.
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Im_Drowzy answered:
Hope that helps!
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