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What is the difference bewteen the different colored weapons?

I know that the difference in color is their rarity. However I want to know say for a shotgun, is it better to use a defective or unreliable shotgun with higher values then a green, blue, purple, orange shotgun with lower values? Is the crit chance higher on the colored weapons? Is there some hidden value that makes them better when they may have lower stats? And i'm not talking about a level 35 purple shotgun verses a level 50 defective shotgun. I'm talking about when the levels are close.


1r0nheart answered:

The colors represents the quality of the weapon and mods: Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Unique (Violet), Exceptional (Orange) the name and color is according the wiki page of the game but the order is right.
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Avenger1324 answered:

You can only compare weapons on the stats you see.

The rarity and prefix are factors when the loot is being randomly determined - with rarer items likely to have higher stats, and the prefix (defective, reliable, savage etc.) will raise or lower one or more stats. But once the item is created I think you can only compare the stats you can see.

One other factor is value of the weapon - a rarer weapon always has a higher price tag, which is good if you plan to sell it, but does mean any upgrades or repair bills will be higher to maintain it.
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