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How do I beat a Butcher and Thug?

What is the easiest way to beat them?


death_note_9112 answered:

I useally use rage for the butcher. for the thug i run up and swing the weapon once and retreat (repeate).
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fg1010 answered:

For the Butcher you need to use rage, and keep distance from him, he is really quick and devasting.

The thug is solw, try to kick him, retry some space and kick it again, when he scream it's your oportunity to strike him, just strike 2 or 3 times, then retry and make the kick dance again.... really easy..
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draytri answered:

Butcher I use rage and if I have no rage I back off and let him run at me and I kick him to stun him for a sec while I hit him in the leg once or twice then back off and repeat. And as for the thug I let him do he's three swings and run in attack his head once with blades or try for the stun with blunts but if u do this make sure after the first swing at his head stuns him before attacking anymore.
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Sk8terM answered:

Butcher is pretty much an advanced infected so you can use the same strategy or at least the one I use. When he's close enough kick him to stun him and aim for the head. For the thug wait for him to swing and then go in kick him then hit him with your weapon. Be careful because he alternated from 3 swings to 2 swings sometimes
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skelly10101 answered:

Assuming you have the developers mods, you can use the home run baseball bat on both of them, it'll send them flying then you can run over to them and jump on their heads
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NemoTheSurvivor answered:

I save some rifle ammo for the butcher and use molotovs, deo-bombs, and grenades for thugs.
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_apocalyptic_ answered:

I find that the best way to kill a thug is to wait until he is roaring or walking away from you, then use a sharp weapon and aim for the arms. If your aim is just right, you should be able to cut off both arms and then go in for the kill when he can't swing at you.

For the butcher, the shock mod on a sharp weapon worked best for me. As he is running towards you, wait until he is close enough to kick and then show no mercy with a shock weapon.
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Avenger1324 answered:

The thug is slow enough that you can watch them to learn their attack patterns - a roar, a powerful single blow, and a 3 blow attack. During the roar he is vulnerable to any attack, and after the triple blow he usually pauses. Attacking after the single blow is dangerous as he can go straight in with another single blow. With a sharp weapon you can go for the arms to cut them off. At low levels most reasonable weapons can take off a limb in one hit, but higher level thugs can take several hits to the arms.

For butchers you want to get them stunned or knocked down and then lay into them. A kick can pause them, then blows to the head to reduce stamina - a weapon with force rather than cutting can be useful here. I don't tend to use rage much, but it can be used in an emergency
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Avenger1324 answered:

Focused a bit more on butcher killing and found out a bit more about it - particularly that it can heal up by feasting on nearby corpses.

Butchers act like an Infected - it screams and then charges you, and can do quite a bit of damage quickly with its attacks. If it is injured, not attacking you and not being hit it will stop to feed on a corpse to heal up quickly.

Just like an Infected if you can stand somewhere it can't reach it will just run around beneath you giving you time to shoot it or drop homemade explosives or molotovs. Shooting is effective providing you don't let it stop to heal up.

Melee seems to be the fastest and most effective way to take a butcher down - an upgraded katana / wakizashi are ideal as they have high damage stats for their level. Doesn't need to be modded, but that usually help by increasing crit chance and chance of special damage. You won't be able to decapitate a butcher in one hit like an Infected, but several quick slices should do the trick.
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ykara03 answered:

The most EFFECTIVE that I had done in beating a Thug is by hitting his back.

I let the Thug try to approach me first, then I try to hide or make myself out of his sight. With that, the Thug will turn his back on you. That is the time you attack his back then I immediately retreat when he is about to turn to me, so he can't hurt me. I do this 4-5 times (depends on the weapon), then he is dead without my life decreasing.

*TIP* kill the infected or weak walkers first before killing the Thug so no one will surprise you with an attack!
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