Question from bigskillz

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find mahina's necklace?

it is the matter of honor quest, and I cannot seem to find the location of the necklace at the gai falls. Can someone hep me?

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From: godmode911 3 years ago

I found it on top of the bus that's hanging over the bridge. You need to cross over then run and jump on top of the bus.

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Heh heh my sis had problems with this quest too.. i think she found it where the cars were. like on the tops of them or in a truck bed... sorry this isnt very informative..

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I found it inside a bag (as in had to loot the bag) on top of the white mobile home on the bridge at Gaia Falls.

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When you reach the falls go on the bridge opposite of the bus where the red barrel is, then sprint acroos and jump on top of the bus and it's in a bag on the roof of the bus.

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