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White Park Zone

Sonic and Tails find themselves in an abandoned amusement park with holiday lights, shifting roller coasters, and perilous ice caves. If they can make it through this frozen wasteland, they will face off with Metal Sonic, who is faster, more powerful, and more dangerous than ever.

Difficulty: 3/5

Music description: Act 1 has a cheerful, almost child-like theme that incorporates a lot of bells. Act 2 is a fast-paced remix of Twinkle Park's theme, and Act 3 is a slower, almost lazy-sounding tune with shades of Labyrinth Zone.

Enemies: Spikes (hermit crab) - Similar to the enemy with the same name in Spring Yard Zone, Spikes will crawl back and forth, protected by a spike-laden shell. The only way to destroy these enemies is by pushing giant snowballs into them.

Steelion (walrus) - These are very troublesome enemies, found underwater in Act 3. They will freeze the water around them, creating large chunks of ice that make it much more difficult to maneuver underwater. You have a very small window to hit them.

Snowy (polar bear) - Snowy paces back and forth and will take swipes at you with his powerful claws. Unlike most badniks, this one takes three hits to destroy.

Level features:

Snowballs - In some areas, you will have to push these in order to crush badniks or open up a path.

Avalanches - Anytime you find yourself running down a long slope, you will probably have one of these nipping at your heels. Avalanches can crush you, but if you find yourself on top of one, you can snowboard down.

Snow drifts - Use the Rolling Combo to dig through the snow, keeping your eyes out for power-ups and rings. Don't cancel the combo though, or you will lose a life.

Elastic platforms - You'll see these throughout the game, and they first appear in Act 2. They will expand and contract, leaving you with nowhere to stand unless you stay in the middle.

Act 1: Snow-Blind Wonderland

Act 2: Sonic Coaster Rails

Act 3: Labyrinth At Absolute Zero


Boss - Metal Sonic

As you run along the coaster tracks, Metal Sonic will fly in on Tails' rocket and float backwards, facing you. When he is powered up, do not hit him. He will roll and sometime jump along the tracks at you, so be ready to dodge him. Some springs will launch you to the tracks in the background, which will enable you to collect rings before Metal Sonic engages you again. After a few hits, Metal Sonic will throw electric hurdles at you. Jump or run underneath them. He will also homing attack the track, creating bottomless pits, so be ready to jump over these and use Tails to carry you if necessary. After 8 hits, Metal Sonic will go down.


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