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Oil Desert Zone

Sonic and Tails now find themselves in a desert wasteland littered with oil rigs and Eggman's minions. Get used to slipping and sliding here. Brave the treacherous sands and sneaky traps to discover what secrets this place holds.

Difficulty: 4/5

Music description: Same basic tune for all three Acts: a mellow, laid-back melody with a subtle warbling in the background. Act 2 starts with a "dying ducks" solo, while Act 3 has a much more metallic, serious tone.


Scarabesque (dung beetle) - Scarabesque always shows up in awkward positions and will hurl large dung bombs at you. When you see one, be sure to let him throw his bomb before you try attacking.

Sandworm (centipede) - These monsters will leap in and out of quicksand pits at regular intervals. They're easy to avoid or run underneath, but you can't destroy them.

Flamer (flamethrower Orbinaut) - Flamer will shoot out gouts of flame in four directions every so often. These guys are sneaky, be especially careful of them when you're on a flammable oil slick or when flying over a bottomless pit.

Level features:

Oil chutes - Once you're on an oil chute, all you can do is enjoy the ride. If you need to, you can use the Rolling Combo to climb back up.

Quicksand pits - You can run across the surface of these, but if you sink too far, you'll drown! Be careful of Sandworms when crossing them.

Oil slicks - Some surfaces are coated with leaking oil. This will rob you of your traction, and if Flamers are nearby, they can set the oil ablaze.

Sand gutters - These will force you to slide in a certain direction, but unlike the oil chutes, you can reverse the direction the gutters are leaning in by hitting the red buttons on their underside.

Act 1: Through The Sandstorm

Act 2: Beneath The Sands

Act 3: A Crude Trap


Boss - Egg Scrap Mech

You'll fall into an oil drum full of scrap metal, where Eggman will appear with a large electromagnet. He will use the spare parts to assemble a large makeshift mech. At this point, crates will begin falling from the sky, making this boss fight resemble a game of Tetris. Use the arrow markers to dodge the crates and use either them or Tails to reach Eggman's cockpit when he removes his protective dome. Be careful, as some of the crates contain spikes, while others explode after a countdown.

After 6 hits, Eggman will climb out of the oil drum. Follow him up with the help of Tails, and he will leap back and forth from the foreground to the background a few times. After the fourth leap or so, he will try to land on you. Dodge his attack, then use the Rolling Combo to hit him in the toes, then hit the cockpit one more time to beat him.


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