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Sky Fortress Zone

Sonic and Tails are on the verge of discovering Eggman's newest project, but first they must catch and take down his flying warship. This zone is mostly a throwback to Sky Chase and Wing Fortress Zone from Sonic 2, complete with some familiar badniks. Watch out for Metal Sonic though - he just might have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Difficulty: 4/5

Music description: Act 1 is an even-paced, heroic-sounding tune. Acts 2 and 3 have the same melody, but Act 2 is very intense and fast-paced, while Act 3 is a bit more relaxed.


Balkry (eagle/fighter jet) - Metal Sonic will release these guys from his Metal Carrier now and then, and they will dive-bomb you. Just keep your eyes open.

Turtloids (turtles) - Flying turtles…weird. These guys just cruse around slowly (they are turtles after all) and sometimes spit fireballs at you. You can defeat the little guys, but the big ones serve as platforms once their riders have been taken out.

Clucker (chicken) - Clucker hangs out in the gun turrets and fires eggs at you. Just dodge his shots, hit him in the head, and use the turrets as stepping stones to reach higher ledges, if you need to.

Level features:

Props - Use props to float to higher ledges.

Ring teleporters - Leap into the teleporters and go for a twisting, turning, dizzying ride all around the ship!

Afterburners - Use caution around these, and wait for them to turn off before you pass. Be especially careful when flying over bottomless pits.

Mesh walls - You can run along some walls, but don't lose your momentum or you'll fall off! Follow the rings to make it across.

Act 1: The Tornado Takes Off!

Act 2: Infiltrating the Sky Fortress

Act 3: Mile-High Mayhem


Boss - Metal Carrier

You'll be back on the Tornado for this fight, chasing Metal Sonic. He will start by turning upside-down and firing powerful lasers downward. The lasers will stun the Tornado if they hit it, but don't worry, you can't be shot down. Dodge the lasers, timing your forward approach so they don't hit you, and homing attack Metal Sonic's cockpit. He may attack you from underneath too.

After a few hits, Metal Sonic will fly backwards facing you, firing lasers directly at you and launching Balkries occasionally. Run forward, dodging the lasers, and homing attack him a couple more times. For Metal Sonic's final attack, missiles will launch from the Sky Fortress. Use the arrow indicators to dodge them, as they will push you offscreen to your death if you don't. When you get close enough to Metal Sonic, barrel roll into him once to defeat him.


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