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Death Egg Mk. II Zone

After Eggman escapes from the doomed Sky Fortress in an escape pod, Sonic and Tails follow him to discover his secret project; a new Death Egg, constructed around Little Planet! The new space station is almost complete - can you save Little Planet from eternal metallic imprisonment?

Difficulty: 5/5

Music description: Very fast, high-pitched music, with a strong sense of urgency.

Act 1: A Duel With Metal Sonic

Act 2: The Beginning of the End


Final Boss - Egg Heart

Eggman's final weapon is a machine shaped like a human heart, surrounded by three large rings. Run around the rings or use Tails to fly to the center and hit Eggman's machine, avoiding the spikes lining the bottom of it. Every time you hit him, you will be sent back to the outer ring, and after every other hit, he will use lasers to dislodge segments of the rings. Segments of the rings will be electrified as well, so be cautious when trying to make your way to the middle.

After a few hits, the Egg Heart will be encased in a force field as it charges up a new attack that slowly sucks light out of the room, creating a black hole effect. This attack takes a long time to charge, but if you wait too long, you will be thrown back against the outer ring and take a hit. To take down the shield, use the Rolling Combo, then hit Eggman quickly before he regenerates the shield. If you can manage to hit him 8 times...


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