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Asked: 2 years ago

A quicker way to kill yourself?

In a MAJOR dilemma here. I managed to get stuck on one of those tiny islands (the ones that have Living Guns near them) with ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of getting back to my ship. Is there any to kill yourself, short of depleting your food bar? It only takes away 1 HP of health away and I have quite a fair amount of health to lose. Can you poison yourself or teleport? The island is too small to trigger any random battles so I can't kill myself that way. Please help.

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You can't kill yourself outside of battle, as far as I know.

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Try unequipping all your gear and see if that knocks down your health. I'd expect you to have plenty of HP materials on gear. Even then, not sure if you can actually die of hunger. Outside of reloading older save, this is the best I can suggest. Try saving on a new lost and then reload, it might work.

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