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need some help with the Big Fire Statues for Quest Strategy master ?

im lv 250 and working on getting the last 2 Statues But I cant find a easy dungon I can go to because there way over my lv. (lv 400 to lv 650) can anyone help me out?


the_requiem answered:

You will find Big Fire Statues to break 250 level cap in following locations:

1. Castle Tamwell - Quest: Order of the King. Talk to the soldier standing outside Castle Tamwell to get this quest. Finishing the quest will give you TWO Big Fire Statues.
2. Great Labyrinth - Quest: The Single. This will also give you your final Lottery Upgrade.
3. North West of Cassar Island is a small Island with a cannon boss called Big Bang. Defeat it to get final statue.

I think you will have to fight some Level400 enemies, but shouldn't be very tough as those are spider enemies, so don't have any ranged attacks and have 2-3 sub-turns only. I'd recommend finishing "The Single" to get lottery upgrade and use it to get Dozeru's Ultimate+ gear.
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