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Asked: 3 years ago

Do Skylanders max out at Level 10?


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From: Panthie 3 years ago

Simple answer, yes. You can however, improve them via Heroic Challenges and get their stats higher still, but the highest level is 10.

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I have the same problem, my skylanders are at level 10 and don't level up, i think that plus skylanders you buy, max level you can have.
For example I have 10 skylanders and the level 10 bar is 1/4 full.
Maybe level 11 is the max whit all 36 skylanders...

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@Zoro8310 No, level 10 is the max. My friend has 19 which is just a few shy of all the ones available right now and his skylanders are firmly locked in at level 10 with the bar seemingly filled a quarter of the way

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