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Money Facilities?

My 1 question is this
1) Money Facilities names for (AU) Version.
2) Development Points needed for said Facilities
3) What character unlocks said facilities.
4) What Kingdom Level unlocks said facilities.

Any truthful help response would be appreciated as it is getting rather annoying figuring it out on my lonesome.

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Theyre the factory, colosseum and pie shop. i think you get the factory and colosseum through kingdom rank-up (i dno the exact rank) and the pie shop by reaching a friendship lvl of 80 with rorona. as for points, the pie shop is 300dp as far as i can remember while the rest is around 150-200dp each.

tip: check for new facilities that come up every time you rank up and stack up points by developing only the important facilities. ie. schools,academy

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Factory pays on the 25th and costs 100 pts.
Arena/Colosseum pays on the 10th and costs 150 pts.
Pie Shop pays on the 1st and costs 300 pts.

I got the Pie Shop last since requests for Rorona didn't come up very often for me.
The other two come from rank-ups, but I also forgot the exact level, sorry.
I agree with the last post that Lodging is a waste of points as long as you've been doing Tavern requests to keep your Popularity high.

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I'm not sure where u two got 300 development points from for the pie shop. it's only 150 development points.

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