Question from Sigs_Minock

How can I make Pies with "LP Recovery M"?

Request-- Moyori Forest IV: Pie Present
"5 Pies with LP Recovery M, (or 50 pies without)"

Anyone know how to create homemade pies with LP Recovery M?
making 50 pies would take too long-- gathering Fest, wheat and Rock salts, then synthesizing flour and salt, then making the pies.


Cata_Tewend answered:

You need to use flour with quality around or over 100. Level up the area and use a tonic to gather high quality wheat and fest to make your own flour. If you are close try and gather on with the quality trait. Good luck!
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Hiiragi_Tsukasa answered:

For Homemade Pie, it looks like Flour quality 80 will do it.

Flour was hard for me to make at the time, so I think I really did do 50 pies. Except I made just one and registered it with Pamela, so in about a month I could just buy all the pies. Or make the Homs synth a few to save a little more time.
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chiayeehan answered:

Just set one of your Homs to synthesis Flour as Quality.
And you will get mostly 76 and above quality after a few days plus it saves your time for synthesis and ingredient for it >_<
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