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Asked: 2 years ago

Pre determined game end?

Does the game end on a set year/month/day?
It's because I've been doing things at my own pace and I'm almost at my fifth year
As far as I can tell I haven't been progressing things that much. Have fought only like what 5? boss battles(wyvern being the last). All I've been doing was doing developments, quests and some stupid stuff.

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The game ends when the calendar turns year 6, 4/1. Each new year starts on 4/1.

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There are actually 3 ways it ends:
falling to 0 popularity = game over anytime
failing to reach 30k population by year 4 4/1
year 6 4/1 is the final day

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Also Wyvern isn't the last 1. There is a old boss from the last game ( yes that demon from the tower is in there, only if you download the new map long with a few bosses) I know i battled them.

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