Question from muck5569

Separate Ways Cutscenes HD?

I realized that the cutscenes from separate ways are not in HD, only the gameplay is. Is this the same for everyone as well??

dxm8975 asked for clarification:

Unfortunately yep. The cutscenes are just copies from the PS2 version, and you should be able to notice you can't smash the torches in the village / castle unlike in the main scenario.


Mookiethebold answered:

Yes. Unfortunately that's just the way it is.
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Grimlock64 answered:

Pushing Select just skips the cutscene...
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Shadomega7569 answered:

actually the cutscenes are just copies of the PS2 version. the only thing in HD is Images and Character Models other than that the cutscenes are just brushed up a little but still resemble the PS2 graphics for it
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Yes, it is
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