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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find (rocket launcher)?

I keep getting beat on the plane without the rocket launcher

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You get the Rocket launcher for completing the Game with an A rank, if you mean the grenade launcher it is in the same room where you first controlled Steve you will need the the blue keycard to get it.

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As the poster above mentioned, the Rocket Launcher is an unlockable item only. There is no rocket launcher in the actual game. There is a Linear Launcher for a specific boss fight only.

The grenade launcher is found in the Military Training Facility B1F. It's behind an iron shutter you need to unlock with the Indigo Blue Keycard. To get this card, place the eagle plate in the indigo blue box where Alfred was sniping you from on Military Training Facility 2F.

BOW Gas Rounds are the most effective ammo to use against plane Tyrant. They are found in the room with the 3D scanner in the prison (past the security box). Come in from the section behind, pushing the box out of the way to open the door.

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