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Asked: 2 years ago

New game + and unlimited ammo ?

Is there a new game + and unlimited ammo ?

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From: fusionbolt2 2 years ago

Like HunterTrainer72 said there is no new game+. And just to let you know there are only 7 missions in the campaign if you did not already know. Now for the infinite ammo. Lupo the Assualt character has an active ability that lets you have infinite ammo for a short period of time. It is called "Guns A' Blazin'. Here are the stats for the three levels.

Level 1

Cost: 750xp
Duration:10 seconds
Acc/Recoil boost: 33%

Level 2

Duration:12.5 seconds
Acc/Recoil Boost: 50%

Level 3

Duration:15 seconds
Acc/Recoil Boost: 67%

The cooldown of the Ability is 45 seconds.

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The new game + is a no. I can tell you because their is a freeplay mode where you can replay completed levels. Infinite ammo is a maybe, but I don't think so because its more survival than both 4 and 5 put together, so far its a good game!

I has it :P

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