AI EngineersNick Bamford
AI EngineersPeter Chan
AI EngineersAaron Koenig
AI EngineersDavid Smith
AI EngineersJason Verhiel
Animation EngineersMohammed Hussein
Animation EngineersJohn Li
AnimatorKelsey Wagner
AnimatorsChris Cairns
AnimatorsPeter Donnelly
AnimatorsMike Drew
AnimatorsChristine Hubbard
AnimatorsAndrew Hudec
AnimatorsRyan Leeper
AnimatorsJeff Martens
AnimatorsJohn Mohr
AnimatorsPhilipp Tiqui
AnimatorsNick Unden
Art DirectorBarry McDougall
Art Director (Capcom)Tatsuya Ogawa
Assistant ProducerAaron Breukers
Assistant Producers (Capcom)Mike Jones
Assistant Producers (Capcom)Michiteru Okabe
Associate ProducersDevon Detbrenner
Associate ProducersDavid Lin
Associate ProducersNaoki Shimmachi
Associate ProducersVivian Tan-Ng
Audio EngineerAnton Crnkovic
Audio ProducerBrad Anderson
Audio Support (Capcom)Yoshito Kato
Audio Support (Capcom)Hiroshi Ohno
Audio Support (Capcom)Hideki Okugawa
Build EngineersLawrence Cheung
Build EngineersDaniel Kobelsky
Build EngineersDorian Pareis
Build EngineersJon Wiedemann
Character ArtistsHarlan Galer
Character ArtistsDavid Kuo
Character ArtistsJono Lee
Character ArtistsLoksoon Lim
Character RiggersKen Lai
Character RiggersScott Xiong
Co-Game DirectorTuomas Pirinen
Co-op EngineerCraig Penner
Concept ArtistsAlex Carigi
Concept ArtistsDarren Gough
Concept ArtistsBrandon Reimchen
Design SupportDylan Loney
Design SupportCody Shankey
Design SupportDarryl Spratt
Development SupportRobert Bruynooghe
Development SupportMichael Caswell
Development SupportTristan Coyle
Development SupportSean Currie
Development SupportIvan Donik
Development SupportMike Ennik
Development SupportDavid Evans
Development SupportJason Fosti
Development SupportJoe Klymkiw
Development SupportMichael Knowles
Development SupportGabriel Koenig
Development SupportLawrence Long
Development SupportSarah Mah
Development SupportCurtis Nickerson
Development SupportShannon Nystedt
Development SupportJoshua Pang
Development SupportGreg Priebe
Development SupportMartin Rzepka
Development SupportChristopher Sevigny
Development SupportSteve Waldman
Development Support LeadDavid Lindsay
Director of DevelopmentDan McBride
Director of TechnologyPaul Martin
Documentation EngineerCiaran Llachlan Leavitt
Environment ArtistsKeswick Allen
Environment ArtistsSean Barner
Environment ArtistsKevin Brunt
Environment ArtistsDavid Chan
Environment ArtistsJocelyn Fung
Environment ArtistsTyler Haider
Environment ArtistsJames King
Environment ArtistsJordan Kocon
Environment ArtistsChris Larsen
Environment ArtistsMatthew Massier
Environment ArtistsFiona Mok
Environment ArtistsJen Morgan
Environment ArtistsStuart Ure
Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)Kenji Matsuura
Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)Yoshitatsu Mori
Game Design Assistant Directors (Capcom)Kentaro Nihei
Game Design Director (Capcom)Yasuhiro Seto
Game DesignersRebecca Lathangue
Game DesignersChris Lee
Game DesignersDavid McAnerin
Game DesignersTyler McCulloch
Game DesignersMichael Nightingale
Game DirectorAndrew Santos
Game ScriptersJason Au
Game ScriptersBenoit Busque
Game ScriptersSimon Cameron
Game ScriptersCaley Charchuck
Game ScriptersSebastien Guay
Game ScriptersTaylor Stewart
Game ScriptersBlair Thorburn
Game ScriptersNguyen Tran
Game ScriptersSame Veliveau
Gameplay EngineersDrew Davenport
Gameplay EngineersJason Filsinger
Gameplay EngineersNathan Harris
Gameplay EngineersWei Hu
Gameplay EngineersFrederick Kimberley
Gameplay EngineersRyan Lu
Gameplay EngineersJason Voisin
Graphic ArtistsSean Thompson
Graphic ArtistsDarren Woo
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersMatt Cairns
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersBen Hanke
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersJohn Harvey
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersCedric Lee
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersYann Le Maner
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersJames McLaren
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersKenneth Nicol
Graphics, Systems & Tools EngineersGary Steinke
Initial Concept, Script Writing & Game DirectionAdam Bullied
Lead AnimatorJohn Bresky
Lead Campaign DesignersIan Christy
Lead Campaign DesignersGreg Lesky
Lead Character ArtistJay Evans
Lead Environment ArtistStephen O'Grady
Lead Gameplay EngineerSimon Beaumont
Lead Lighting ArtistKirk Takei
Lead ProducerPeter Doidge-Harrison
Lead Technical ArtistJeremy Kersey
Level DesignersMilo Casali
Level DesignersAndrew Li
Lighting ArtistsRichard Ahtow
Lighting ArtistsDayna Bland
Network EngineersNigel Knox
Network EngineersAlexander Matveev
Network EngineersRyan McDougall
Network EngineersAlexei Polkhanov
ProducerGreg Salter
Producer (Capcom)Masachika Kawata
ProducersMichael Kerr
ProducersGerald Magnusson
ProducersPaige Meekison
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Gerylo
Quality Assurance ManagerMervin Ooi
Script WriterAmanda Doiron
Software EngineersLaurent Ancessi
Software EngineersArmin Bahramshahry
Software EngineersPhilip Bull
Software EngineersMike Cline
Software EngineersSandro Furini
Special Effects ArtistsLandin Kent
Special Effects ArtistsSteven Mumford
Special Effects ArtistsErnie Patzel
Studio Art DirectorScott Paterson
Technical ArtistsRobert Butterworth
Technical ArtistsRobert Hexter
Technical ArtistsSimon Mills
Technical ArtistsRobert Peet
Technical DirectorAlan Bucior
Technical Documentation EngineerOliver Sterczyk
Technology Services ManagerWill Sheldon
UI EngineersAngus Graham
UI EngineersAaron Netz
UI EngineersAndrew Wright
Voice Actor: AdaCourtney Taylor
Voice Actor: BeltwayRamon Fernandez
Voice Actor: BerthaLydia Look
Voice Actor: Carlos OliveiraGideon Emery
Voice Actor: ClaireAlyson Court
Voice Actor: Dee-AyRobin Atkin Downes
Voice Actor: Four-EyesGwendoline Yeo
Voice Actor: HarleyGregg Berger
Voice Actor: HunkKeith Silverstein
Voice Actor: JillMichelle Ruff
Voice Actor: LeonChristian Lanz
Voice Actor: Lone WolfJon Curry
Voice Actor: LupoNika Futterman
Voice Actor: NemesisGregg Berger
Voice Actor: Nicholai GinovaefRick Wasserman
Voice Actor: Party GirlCat Taber
Voice Actor: ShonaImari Williams
Voice Actor: Spec Ops CommandJack Angel
Voice Actor: SpectreDavid Cooley
Voice Actor: TweedTess Masters
Voice Actor: U.S.S. CommandDesmond Askew
Voice Actor: VectorAndrew Kishino
Voice Actor: William Birkin (Human)Terence J. Rotolo
Voice Actor: WillowRebecca Riedy


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