-Warlords Faq/Walkthrough For The Atari 2600-
        Version 1.2 Created (7/18/02)
 By JBenno (Josh Lawson) (marcbenno1@aol.com)
       Copyright (c) Josh Lawson (2002)

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I. Introduction

A. The Story
B. Atari 2600 Console Functions
C. Controls
D. Game Matrix
E. The Objectives
F. The Game Screen + A Secret Strategy
G. About The Game In General
H. Glossary Of Terms
I. Copyright Info

I. Introduction

Atari games are fun in a lot of ways. Even though they have simple graphics, 
the story lines behind them give the game a tremendous value. Warlords has 
a simple but rather intriguing story line to it. Although this game ends in 
a short while,  it provides many hours of fun. If you have any questions about 
the following, please let me know and I will answer them. The following is 
a paraphrased version of the story in the game manual: 

A. The Story

Once upon a time in a far off land lived a king named Frederick. Frederick 
was a good king and treated his servants with respect. The kingdom basically 
ran itself. One day, King Frederick and his wife Queen Christina decided to 
make a family. Before they knew it, Christina gave birth to healthy 

The years quickly passed and Frederick's sons Dominick, Marcus, Felipe, and 
Restivo grew to become strong men. The four boys were completely opposite 
of their pacifist father. The four boys constantly quarreled with each other. 
Frederick became concerned when he realized that his sons would one day own 
the kingdom and destroy it in the process of fighting.

Frederick intervened with the boys fights and banished them from his kingdom. 
The boys moved to a distant land and became warlords. They fought their 
battles and as soon as one boy destroyed another's castle that boy would have 
to rebuild it. The fighting never ceased. After the castle was rebuilt, the 
wars continued. These wars continued on for centuries and it is now up to 
the descendants of the four brothers to carry on the legacy.

B. Atari 2600 Console Functions

Game Select Switch
This allows you to change the game number to the game you wish to play. The 
number at the top left of the screen indicates what game number it is currently 
on. The number in the top right hand corner indicates the number of human 
players that participate in that game.

Game Reset Switch
Once you choose the game that you wish to play, press the game reset switch 
to begin playing the game.

Difficulty Switches A & B
Not used in this game.

TV Type Switch
Used to toggle between a color or black and white television screen.

C. Controls

Be sure to turn off your Atari and plug a set of paddles into the controller 
jack. If you are playing a four player game, plug an additional set of paddles 
into the two player controller jack. Joystick controllers cannot be used in 
this game.

Turn the paddle knob to the left to move your paddle left and vice versa. 
It doesn't matter what castle you are occupying, the controls are the same. 
In most of the games, a catch mode is enabled. (See Game Descriptions For 
Details) If the catch mode is enabled, and when the ball hits your paddle, 
quickly press the red button on the side of the paddle.

D. Game Matrix

Game Number| Number Of Players | Shields | Ball Speed |

1            4                   C         F
2            3                   C         F
3            2                   C         F
4            1                   C         F
5            D                   C         F
6            4                   C         S
7            3                   C         S
8            2                   C         S
9            1                   C         S
10           D                   C         S
11           4                   R         F
12           3                   R         F
13           2                   R         F
14           1                   R         F
15           D                   R         F
16           4                   R         S
17           3                   R         S
18           2                   R         S
19           1                   R         S
20           D                   R         S
21           4                   R         S
22           3                   R         S
23           2                   R         S

D = Doubles Mode
C = Catch Mode
R = Ricochet Mode
F = Fast Ball (Lightening Ball)
S = Slow (Fire Ball)

E. The Objectives

Guard your castle with your shield. If your castle is broken down and the 
man inside is hit with a fire ball or lightning ball, you lose a round. The 
objective is to break down your opponent's castles and destroy their men. 
After several rounds, the game will end. Use the catch feature if it is enabled 
so you can take out the opponent's castles with ease. Be careful because the 
enemy has the power to catch the ball. If he does, look out because he'll 
launch it at you. This game is similar to Pong in many ways. Be sure to keep 
an eye on the ball and don't let it hit your castle at any cost.

F. The Game Screen + A Secret Strategy

The game screen is laid out in a simple design. Here is the basic picture 
of it.

 =======================         Z = Castle Walls
|     X Z       Z X     |        X = Descendant Of The Four Brothers
|ZZZZZZZZ       ZZZZZZZZ|        P = Paddle (Paddles Are Not Stationary)
|    P         P        | 
|       P        P      | 
|     X Z       Z X     |

Warlords is noted for two of its secrets. Usually, this secret can be figured 
out easy after play. Look at the diagram above. Look at the paddle that belongs 
to the upper right hand castle. If you have your paddle on the diagonal and 
shoot the ball, it will do a trick for you. Look at the diagram below for 
the trick.

|     X Z       Z X     |
|    P         \        | 
|       P       \       | 
|     X Z       Z X     |

If I were the man in the upper left hand castle shot the ball at the diagonal, 
it would travel to the right and down at a diagonal angle which would surprise 
the other player. If you use this trick, it will even confuse the computer. 

The best way to win at this game is to be alert to who has the ball. Try to 
take out the blocks NEAREST the enemy. If you can take out the lower block 
and get the ball trapped inside with your opponent, it is a sure-fire way 
to win. There is also another way to confuse the opponent. You have to have 
a fast hand to do it. It works particularly well in Catch mode. When the ball 
comes at you in ricochet mode and it touches the paddle, at the instant it 
touches, jerk the knob either left or right as fast as possible. That will 
send the ball at a faster speed and the opponent will usually not have time 
to intercept the ball. If you have catch mode enabled, you don't have to worry 
about missing the ball. Just hold the ball with the red button, quickly spin 
the knob and release. Do be careful that the ball doesn't come back your way.

The best strategy for the direction of the ball relies on the player's shield. 
Here is a diagram how the shield works.

  \   |   /
   XXXXXXX     X=Shield

Depending on how your shield is placed these instructions will vary a little 
bit. If the ball hits on the very left of the shield it will project it at 
the angle shown. That angle is good for destroying the castle above or below 
you and the castle that is diagonal from you. If the ball hits the mid section 
of the shield, the ball will be projected upwards or downwards. If the ball 
hits the right of the shield, the ball will be projected diagonally or to 
the other side of the playfield (Left or right). If the ball hits the paddle 
in the special diagonal position, then it will go the way I described it would 

The computer players have the ability to project the ball any way they want 
to, so be aware.

Another neat feature can be noticed during gameplay. You must kill an opponent 
first for this trick to work. Then hit a castle wall or another opponent and 
notice the spot where he was killed at. You can see the outline of where the 
opponent was.

G. About The Game In General

This section will describe the different player variations. From the game 
matrix, there are many possibilities of play. You can play as a single person, 
you can control two people, you can play with another human on a team, you 
can play another human on the opposite team, you can play another human so 
that both of the human players play against each other on doubles, and you 
can play the computer. 

There is a child mode on this game. The Bentley Bear logo is stamped on the 
front of the box. Games 21-23 are the children's versions.

H. Glossary Of Terms
The bricks that surround each warrior. Each castle is color coded.
It is the paddle that you control. Use it to hit the ball.

Fire Ball
Term used for a slow moving ball. A weapon of the warlords.

Lightning Ball
Term used for a fast moving ball. Another weapon of the warlords. Appears 
to look as the same as a fireball but it moves faster.

Ricochet Mode
Under certain games, it simply means that you hit the ball with the shield.

Catch Mode
Under certain games, you have the ability to catch the ball with your paddle 
by pressing the red button.

I. Copyright Info

This Walkthrough/Faq was written by Josh Lawson. Copyright (2002). This 
Walkthrough/Faq is for private and personal use only. This Walkthrough /Faq 
is not to be published in any book, or magazine. It cannot be published on 
any other website without my prior permission. If you take information from 
this walkthrough, please give me full credit for what you took and do not 
alter my information. If you find this on any other site, please contact me.