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How do I find the Ur-Dragon?

When/Where can you get to the Ur-Dragon?
I want to see what the Ur-Dragon fight is like.

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vech24 answered:

Post-Game answer: He's in the Chamber of Lament (Level 7) in the Nexus Vortex of Everfall.

New Game + answer: There's a rift stone that will teleport you to the Chamber of Lament. It's found east of the main Cassardis beach at the cove Starfall Bay.
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HappyFrisbees answered:

Rift stone of the beach at the starter fish town.
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Kai_Aurion answered:

I think the rift stone on the beach in Casserdis is only in New game plus, but I'm not 100% certain on that. It'd be down on the beach, then go north through the cave-ish/tunnel kinda thing.

On the first playthrough, I don't recall returning to Casserdis much after leaving; so I can't really say if it's there or not on first playthrough.

I do know that when you get to the Everfall part (even in first playthrough); where you need the Wakestones; one of the ledges lead to the Ur-Dragon. I believe it's the very last ledge.
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HappyFrisbees answered:

That rift stone is 2nd playthrough. First playthrough at post game its in the Chamber of Lament in Everfall. Its the only ledge area that goes back and it has arches on top of it. Like the second to the last or third to the last when you're falling.
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TurkishSikme answered:

The Ur-Dragon is a ton stronger version of the main dragon, and you find him in one of the chambers when you free-fall down the everfall. I forgot what the chamber was called.

Man, that thing destroyed me.
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darkLIGHTking answered:

It"s in the First Village , go down to the beach and go straight you will find a special riftstone there , and you should prepare for that battle , It will be a long battle trust me
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idosofacility answered:

So.. U get anithing good for killing him? he apeared for me in everfall I kicked his butt but he run away with half health and didnt came back! does he apear again anywere? will he be injuryied?
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Cloaked_Evil answered:

When he runs away it's to give you a breather, just leave the chamber then go back in and he'll come back. In the everfall he's in a chamber which has an entry platform that looks like a broken bridge and inside is the chamber of lament, you can fight him by usiing the rift stone on the beach in cassardis in new game plus. Hope this helped.
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The_Nubb answered:

In new game + it's easier to go to the beach in cassardis. When he leaves just go out the door and back into the rift stone. He will come back with the amount of health u left him with. Make sure to be stocked up on items to replenish health and stamina. It's gonna take a few rounds to get him.(offline UR-Dragon). If u r fightin him online... Then it's gonna take a lot longer. Same concept but everyone around the world playing online can fight the same dragon as u r. So it takes accumulative damage from everyone and takes forever to kill him.
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Valedrel answered:

.....Sorry but i have to ask....why do 9 people have to give the same (simple) answer? not only that but some are days apart. Clearly this question was answered and people keep trying. Its so strange.
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jacobharris answered:

The rift stone in the first town. Post game
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Battousai_man12 answered:

When you beat the dragon that stole your heart you should end up in cassardis after credits. On beach you'll find a cave with the rift stone which teleports you to the chamber of lament in the ever fall.
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Battousai_man12 answered:

You need to get ng+ then go to cave on beach in cassardis sorry :D
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