Question from mindlesspit

Asked: 2 years ago

How do i lure the griffin in Griffin's Bane?

How do i lure a monster, or use any meat to lure the griffin to the ambush site?

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From: GrandHustle5 2 years ago

The ambush point is a big green circle, and there should be some Goblins in those rocks, kill them and carry it there.

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There some spider behind bush uphill there just take em

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Kill a spider or goblin, pick up the body and place it in the circle.

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If your arisen or pawn is fighter or assain just provoke the griffon with shield summon/shield drum.

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A bunch of goblins keep re-spawning a little further up the cliff toward the sea. Simply kill one of these goblins, pick the dead body up off the ground, carry it over to the ambush spot, and drop it off inside the glowing circle. Ser Georg (leader of the 'elites') will immediately say something like "The griffin comes!" and the griffin will swoop in to attack.

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