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Is it possible to change your character's appearance in the middle of the game?

Basically, in the demo, I made my character and named him "Seth". The game comes along, I'm in the character creation menu and it says his name is "Seth". Naturally, I assume the demo save carried on to the game. So I pressed OK. But I didn't realize that my character's appearance had been reset. So he looks really generic and not to my full liking. Is there a way to change his appearance in the middle of the game?
All help appreciated.

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cj_coyo7e answered:

yes. There is a merchant in the pawns' Encampment (the first place you go after the starting town, Cassardis,) next to the rift-stone, who sells personality and cosmetic adjustment potions, and a ONE TIME USE item named "Metamorphosis." When you use the Metamorphosis item, you can change your character and your pawn one time, from the Mani Menu (NOT in-game!)

After you beat the game and move on to New Game+, you can change your appearance and your pawn's appearance as often as you like, though.
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