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Asked: 2 years ago

The Secret Admirer quest?

okay so I unintendedly killed the female bandit leader (ophis) long ago. I also kiled 2 cyclops in ophis' domain sometime ago.

i accepted the secret admirer quest that asks me to go to female bandit fortress, to talk to their leader.

does ophis respawn?
am i screwed? can i complete this quest?

Additional details - 2 years ago

She does not respawn. i proved this myself

Accepted Answer

From: ZxianXIII 2 years ago

She does in fact respawn. It takes 7 in-game days for them to come back, but now that you've killed her, she will forever be hostile toward you. This screwed me up on my first playthrough as well... If you want to get both Badges of Amity you have to take the peaceful option to gain their trust.

Which means, for Maul, find the thief in cassardis and tell him to return.
For Ophis, feed her Cyclops.

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I am almost certain she respawns, as I've gone back there many times before.

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