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Asked: 2 years ago

Focused Bolt?

Ok, so I'm a rank 6 Sorcerer. I recently bought the Core Skill "Focused Bolt", but the problem is, when I try to use it (i.e., hold down square), it doesn't cast. I also bought Magick Agent, and that doesn't work either. Any ideas on what's wrong? Or am I just doing it wrong? P.S., I also released, so don't tell me that's the problem.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Well, when I do that, it just launches a normal bolt. I don't understand why. It doesn't seem to realize that I bought that Core Skill.

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you probably don't let it charge as much as it's supposed to. Once Square is being hold, it will sometimes make a beeping sound, once you hear that sound, you can let go. also, in case you don't hear the beeping sound, you can keep an eye on the staff's tip, once the tip shines brightly you will know that's the time to release the square button

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