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Asked: 2 years ago

Any moster tips/guides in the pipe line?

Much like Monster Hunter games there are VERY detailed ways to exploit monsters weak points and small tell signs for your defence. Is anyone making a guide? I've only kiled a cyclops and chimera so far.... so I can't exactly help much on that front, replies can include tips on how to get pawn knowledge if you like =)

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From: MWong12 2 years ago

Elemental attacks pretty much crush monsters in this game. I've seen so far, still ranking up so I can battle the dragon so i will

Monsters Faught So Far -
Saurians & Sulfur Saurians - chop off their tails very weak to fire and ice (or just ice freezes them)
Orge/ Cyclops - lightening & fire attacks
Chimera/ Griffin - fire
Goblins/ Bandits/ Wolves/ Harpies - fire
Zombies/ Skeletons/ Phantoms (anything undead) - holy

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Well, its hard to say, bc of the variety of monsters in this game, ill tell u this now tho, fire works for most enemies (if not drenched). especially against harpies n griffens, burn their wings n they fall straight down head first. most of the other enemies youll jus have to learn, its simple tho bc your pawn gain knowledge from fighting them anyways and you can find scroll for your pawns to learn how to deal with certain creatures. the thing youll find common is attcking their legs/wings. also some enemies you undoubtly know their weakness, like the undead n skeletons. holy n fire pawns them all. u jus need to play n learn urself, knowledge is learned through experience, elemental weaknesses is the thing i look for. hoped i helped

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If you want to start kicking some butt change your class to Mystic Knight and learn Magic Cannon, then upgrade it to Great Cannon. Be sure to get some of the Shield skills that change your weapon element.

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