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Asked: 2 years ago

Best setup to beat ur dragon online?

What is the best setup to fight the online version of the ur dragon

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From: HamsterAnn 2 years ago

Youll want mostly ranged characters in order to easily attack the weak points. Striders/assassins with daggers will help because the great climbing abilities plus double jump make reaching the weakpoints easier. Mages to heal and deal AoE damage are good. Maybe 1 melee character to distract and tank.

Best bet is to just fight it a few times and see what works (though a party completely of mages or melee really prolly wont work....)

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This is my Current Setup:

Arisen: Assasin (Daggers) Skills: Gale Harness (Speeds EVERYTHING up) Hundred Kisses (Gets speed boost from Gale Harness) Cutting Wind (For those Dashing moments)
Do what you wish for the Secondary Weapon.

Main Pawn: Ranger. Just add the Focused bow skills that do Major Single Target Damage.

Sub Pawn A: Ranger.

Sub Pawn B: Mage. Skills - Holy Affinity. High Anodyne. High Halidom. Spell Screen. High Ingle. High Levin.

Plus I go to the Healing Springs between Kills of UD to get 50 Spring Waters for each character. Basically if you drop below 50% HP any of the pawns will chug a potion Restoring Everyones HP a bit.
This tactic tends to keep the party alive very well.

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