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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find a Snakeskin Purse?

I've had this quest forever, I wanna get the item and turn it in.

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From: kitty9056 2 years ago

the place I've found it is in the river north of the abbey where the sulfur samarians are and go right I've found one there almost every time I've looked.

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You know if you just google the question itself, like (Dragons Dogma snakeskin purse) you'll have a faster answer but nonetheless ... from what i've read on other forums and sites asking this question the best way to find it is to search in any body of water where there are schools of fish, a lot of people have been saying they found it while doing other quests and just found it while gathering fish. Most believe it's a random event and it can be found anywhere. I personally have not found it yet and i spend most of my time exploring (while dying, i run into a lot of crazy sh!+) and i have searched a lot of fish spots ... LOTS lmao. Hopefully you'll have better luck and happy hunting.

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Well I bought the offical guide, and from what I read, it is in a chest, but also near the waters

However it won't show up on the coast, only rivers, lake, & healing springs.

It's pretty much a game of luck of where you go.

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I've found it twice in two different locations. There were two things that were the same and I've heard other people that have found it attest to the same and that is that it's usually in "standing" water sitting in the middle of a bunch of jumping fish. Go toward the fish and when it says "gather" start looting.

The first time I found it I was in these dead woods by the abbey and some saurians. The second time was at the first healing springs you come to in the game, I that was by the dukes place.

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I've found it a total of 3 times so far, and each time it was somewhere within the Soulflayer Canyon, I never payed enough attention to see where it got dropped, but I believe it was at the beginning part with the Saurians and Phantasms.

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Snakeskin purse has a chance to be in several chests in the blighted manse and somewhere near the nearby healing spring i believe.

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I found mine in a fish hole in the river north of GS but there is more than one and you can get it even without the quest but the gold bastard sword is not as great as it seems.

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