Question from freddyslasher21

Asked: 2 years ago

Pawn level infinite?

I noticed in the pawn rift that there are pawns at level infinity.The price for them is beyond my reach. Is it possible to have your pawn at this level, if so how?

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From: Nero707 2 years ago

I just assumed that the infinite level meant they were max level which is 200, same as your main character. Since you can't level up, neither would they it would seem. Unless some special DLC thing Capcom has done.

Use the level search and look for a pawn level 200 or see if the infinite thing comes up. I'm sure someone has gotten to that point already, especially if they doule exp kill Ur-Dragon alot and played story several times over.

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Most people have questioned about this and frankly i think it's just one of those people that would rather cheat then play honestly the first time around. Most of everyone think it's just some people editing their save filed so that they have everything or so that their pawns are max level. I dont think it's actually possible, i havn't heard of a level limit yet for pawns much less your main.

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the max lvl is not 200. my friend is lvl 236 so. thats wrong Nero.

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