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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Anybody willing to add me so that I can use their pawn? Answered 12
Are bosses random in this game? Just ran into a random Chimera in the Vestad Hills Answered 12
Best setup to beat ur dragon online? Answered 2
Can I beat the dragon with High Frigor? Answered 1
Does anyone know the location of spawn spots? Answered 2
Final Boss? Answered 2
Help with post game stuff? Answered 2
How can i defeat the ur dragon online? Answered 1
How do I beat a golem? Answered 1
How do I beat dragon in final battle? Answered 1
How do I beat Hellhounds? Answered 1
How do I beat ogres/giants? Answered 3
How do I beat online Ur-Dragon Gen 119? Answered 1
How do I beat Savan? Answered 1
How do I beat solmat? Open 9
How do I beat the dragon in the finall battle? Answered 1
How do I beat the dragon with low level pawns? Open 6
How do I beat the griffin from the griffin's bane quest in dragon's dogma? Open 2
How do I beat the Griffon? Answered 2
How do I beat ur-dragon online? Open 4
How do I find the Ur-Dragon? Answered 13
How do I know when to come in for the final blow with the ur-dragon? Open 2
How do I outrun the dragon? Answered 1
How do I trigger the fight with the Ur Dragon again? Answered 1
How does online ur dragon work? Answered 1
How long do everfall monsters take to respawn? Answered 2
Question about the Ur Dragon Grace period? Open 2
The Ur-Dragons flew away and now I can't find him? Answered 1
Unusual Drake at Conqueror's Sanctuary? Open 7
UR dragon happily confused!? Open 1
Ur-Dragon (Online)? Unanswered 0
What happened to UR Dragon? Answered 2
Where do i find a hydra?!?! Answered 3
Where do i find griffin?besides in quest...... Open 6
Where do i find Skeleton Lord? Open 4
Where is? Answered 2
Where'es the best place to grind levels at? Open 9
Why is the Ur Dragon offline not dying? Open 4
Will Ur-Dragon's Health be healed? Answered 1
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
(Spoilers) Gathered 20 Wakestones, now what? Answered 2
Any vids for " Reveille Revelry" & Epicurian delights? Open 4
Anyone trading Lambent shield for any online ur dragon loot? Answered 1
Before wich part of the game I...? Answered 1
Burning Curse? Answered 1
Can I solve Water God Temple without having the quest? Answered 1
Can you give the Blacksmith a "forge" Wakestone? Answered 1
Can't speak with Sr.Maxmillian? Answered 1
Did I screw up the Nameless Terror quest? Answered 1
Do affinity based escort requests ever disappear for good? Answered 2
Dutches in Distress CANCELED.... WTH??? HELP? Answered 1
Elsewhere bound ? Open 1
Escort Mission uncertainties? Answered 1
Everfall Main Quest/killed Barnaby? Open 5
Forged Golden Idol? Answered 2
Help on the Troublesome Tome quest? Answered 3
Help with failed quests...? Open 2
Help with Ophis? Answered 1
How do I activate 'Dying of Curiosity' quest? Answered 1
How do I buy the deed from Fourvinal in Gran Soren for the quest called Land of Opportunity? Open 3
How do I find (Mason)? Answered 2
How do I get further into the Frontier Caverns? Open 3
How do I get into heavenspeak fort without killing everyone and do that badge quest? Answered 3
How do I get my slates back? (Watergod Quest) Open 2
How do I get the quest, "Arousing Suspicion?" Open 4
How do i lure the griffin in Griffin's Bane? Answered 5
How do I progress in the ambush quest? Answered 2
How do I solve "Parcel Service?" Open 2
How do I solve (A Fortress Beseiged)? Open 1
How do I solve (Escort Quest - Asalam) ? Answered 2
How do I solve (thick as thieves)? Answered 2
How do I solve Dying of Curiosity? Answered 2
How do I solve Fortress Besegied and The Watergods Altar? Answered 1
How do I solve some quests ? Open 2
How do I solve Talent in Bloom? Answered 1
How do I solve WyrmKings Ring? Answered 2
How do you aquire cancel quest again? Answered 1
How do you cancel/quit a quest? Open 3
How do you move the golem in Witchwood? Answered 1
How to do "epicurean Delights"? Answered 1
How to do "Reaper's Scorn"? Open 1
How to do "thamks Mislaid"? Answered 1
How to do "Trail of corruption" , Reveille Revelry & A lost Cause? Answered 2
How to do Foreign Service? Answered 1
How to get the conspirators quest from Fedel? Open 1
I cant solve some quest, why is it? Open 3
I completed "The Final Battle" but? Answered 5
Idol Worship? Open 10
If Fournival is guilty. Can i still get a Gold Idol?? Open 2
Land Of Opportunity? Answered 1
Last 'unfamiliar quest'? Answered 2
Lost Faith? Answered 1
Mallard in knights manor? Open 1
Missions? Answered 1
Nameless Terror Help? Answered 1
Nameless terror locations? Open 2
Open catacobs door? Open 2
Pablo likes me? Open 3
Pip's conflict of interest? Answered 3
Royal Guard Armor? Answered 1
So do I need to beat every level in the everfall to end the game and go to new game +? Open 4
Speedrun mode rewards/Items? Answered 1
Supression (Gargoyles)? Answered 1
The Cyfer Quest wyrm hunt license ? Answered 5
The Secret Admirer quest? Answered 2
Thick as thieves, Cyclops feeding? Answered 1
Thick as thieves? Answered 1
What are the Requirements to do the Escort duty quest? Open 2
What do I get for proving Fournival's innocence or guilt? Open 4
What is wrong with getting Arousing Suspicion, then Duchess in Distress quests??? Answered 1
What's with the Trophy/Achievement "The Hero"....? Open 6
Where can i find geo saurian? Open 1
Where do i find Hydra Quest? Open 1
Where do I find these creatures to slay? Open 6
Where is Madeline? Open 2
Where is Madeline?! Open 3
Where is region witchwood? Open 2
Which healing spring does Aelinore want you to take her to? Open 2
Will my noticeboard quests fail? Open 1
Item Help status answers
A wyrmhunt license to trade? Open 1
Abbysinal Armor trade? Answered 1
Abbysinal OUTFIT and Forest Tunic SET? Answered 1
About the idol items? Open 2
Abyssinal armor set? Answered 1
Abyssinal armor? Open 1
Abyssinal armor? anyone have an extra one? Answered 2
Any other way to get golden idol? Answered 1
Any1 have a lustrous shield for trade? Open 2
Anyone have a grissly bone armor they can spare me? Answered 1
anyone have an extra Dragonroar? Open 1
Anyone have arisen bond or abyssinal set? Answered 1
Arisen's Bond? Open 2
Ascolan? Open 1
Berserker's Armor??? Open 1
Can anyone gift me (Blessed Flower)? Open 1
can anyone gift me a sultry pareo? My psn is Enovyar, I would very much appreciate it! Answered 1
Can anyone gift me? Open 1
Can anyone spare me a skull key need to make a copy ASAP? Open 2
Can anyone trade me ember crystals and hunk of gold ore? Unanswered 0
Can I get Ophis's Badge? Open 1
Can someone gift me (Heaven's key)? Open 4
Can someone Gift me Heavens Key? Open 1
Can someone please give me a firefly stone? Answered 3
Can't find a sultry pareo... help? Answered 2
Can't find dlc items? Answered 1
Caxton, Madeleine & Those Ruddy Idols!? Open 2
Crafting Guide ? Open 1
Decent dagger/bow/magic bow for first playthrough? Answered 3
Direwolf cape nowhere to be found? Open 2
DLC items transfer? Open 1
Do pawns use their curatives items in their inventory? Answered 1
Does anyone have an extra asinal armo set they can give? Unanswered 0
Does anyone have an Extra Dwells-In-Light? Open 1
Does anyone have any VILE WAKESTONES to spare? Unanswered 0
Does anyone have the Dragonseye Band? Open 1
Does anyone know what the various Star earrings and rings actually do? Answered 1
Does postgame gransys give better loot? Answered 1
Does someone has a copy of Dwells-in-light? Unanswered 0
Does this game offer armour set bonus? Answered 1
Dragon's Dogma: Anyone willing to trade their Siegfried Mask? Answered 1
Dragons armour? Open 6
Dragons repast? Open 1
Drake's Tear question? Answered 1
Dwells-in-Light offline drop? Open 1
Easy gathering of wakestones? Open 3
Elements? Answered 2
Extra weapons?? Open 1
Farming? Open 4
Final Boss Items? Answered 1
Gift me the sultry gear? Open 1
Gift-ing The Gold Idol *IDEA*? Open 5
Giving away the Gold Idol? Open 1
Glowing broken pots? Answered 2
Godsbane? Answered 5
Gold Idol? Open 1
Golden Idol Trade? Open 2
Golden Idol? Open 2
Golden Weapons? Open 1
Grisly Bone Armor Trade? Answered 1
Help with Maiden's Petticoat anybody? Open 1
Hi, im trying to get the dragons dogma 1h sword? ill trade if you want Open 3
How and/or where can I full set of the Gryphic Armor after the Bluemoon Tower griffin fight? Answered 1
How can I aim the throable objects, like poison or oil flasks? Open 1
How can I get my Pawns to use a specific item? Open 2
How can I recover my equipment after escaping the Duke's dungeon? Open 2
How do get those chests behind the strange walls in the Ancient Quarry? Open 2
How do I use art of metamorhosis? Answered 3
How long till the chests reclose? Open 2
I need Talarian White. Open for Trade. Please NO SCAM. Anyone? Answered 1
Is there a waiting period between giving Madeleine the gold idol and her stock improving? Answered 1
Is there any significant differences between a 2H sword and a war hammer? Answered 1
Is there other place to shop? Answered 1
Lordly Cape Trade? Open 3
Lost items due to corrupt data, help gifting anything? Answered 1
Lost my Snakeskin Purse, help? Answered 1
Magick on Melee Weapons WTF? Open 1
Maker's Finger arrow? Answered 1
Money? Open 2
Need a gift/trade of dwells-in-light please? Unanswered 0
Regain sold seeker coins? Open 2
Salomet's Book/Grimoire? Answered 1
Salomet's Staff? Answered 3
Savage Fang Help? Open 1
Silver Idol? Answered 1
Striker's Greaves Trade? Open 2
Tablet and arisen's bond? Answered 2
Trade: Saint George Mask, anyone got it? Open 1
Tradeing ascalon dragon forged for a bow for assassin anyone? Unanswered 0
Trading equips through pawns? Open 1
Urgently looking for lambent shield, anyone have a spare? Answered 1
Using Jewels? Open 1
Wailing Crystal? Open 1
Was this always there or only in Dark Arisen!? Answered 1
Well equipped trophy? Open 1
Were can i find dlc items? Answered 1
What do dragon tears do?? Open 2
What items are sold in ng+? Open 2
What the heck is a Toadstool Sitter and where can I find one? Answered 1
What would be a good leg clothing to go with abyssinal set? Open 1
What's the BiS for Warriors and Sorcerers? Open 1
When I eat sour or rank items? Lucky? Answered 1
Where can I find (Asalam)? Open 2
Where can I find (beachwood branch)? Open 1
Where can I find (chilling razors early in the game )? Open 1
Where can I find (Enchanted 1h swords)? Answered 1
Where can I find (ferry stones)? Answered 3
Where can I find (first gem of salvation)? Answered 1
Where can I find (galvanic and chilling razors daggers)? Open 2
Where can I find (herald helix ( magic bow )? Open 2
Where can I find (liquid vim)? Open 5
Where can I find (Maiden's Camisole)? Answered 1
Where can I find (Sour Ambrosial Meat)? Open 1
Where can I find a hard bone ? Open 1
Where can I find a kind & generous trader? Open 2
Where can I find a lot of BitterBlack Weapons lvl 3 and Armors lvl 3? Open 1
where can I find a port crystal spot in or near Cassardis? Answered 1
Where can I find a Snakeskin Purse? Answered 7
Where can I find airtight flasks? Answered 1
Where can I find Armor DLC in-game? Open 3
Where can I find ascalon? Open 3
Where can I find dragon scales? Answered 1
Where can I find Firefly Stones? Answered 1
Where can I find fournival in post game (everfall)? Open 3
Where can I find frozen holy water? Open 3
Where can I find Gossip's Mask? Open 2
Where can I find heavens key? Open 5
Where can I find Hunk of Gold Ore? Answered 1
Where can I find King Bay Leaves? Answered 1
Where can I find Laurel Circlet? Answered 2
Where can I find main entrance to the catacombs? Open 2
Where can I find Nightcry? Answered 1
Where can I find Noonflowers? Open 2
Where can I find port crystal's? Answered 1
Where can I find port crystals? Open 7
Where can I find rift crystal merchants? Answered 2
Where can I find Scrap Iron? Answered 1
Where can I find skimpy female outfits? Open 2
Where can I find Striped Saurian Skin? Open 4
Where can I find strongwarish? Answered 1
Where can I find the 1st journal entry? Answered 2
Where can I find the affidavit ? Open 1
Where can I find the dragon's Armour and what's the best Daggers? Open 1
Where can I find the golden and bronze idol? Answered 3
Where can I find the Secret Herb Ale? Open 1
Where can I find the well spring north of gran soren? Open 2
Where can I find THE WELLSPRING? Open 2
Where can I find tightly folded letter? Open 1
Where can i find to do craft? Answered 1
Where can I find trowel? Open 2
Where can I find Wakestones? Open 3
Where do I find a fire element archistaff ? Open 3
Where do I get Snowy Saurian Skin? And I was wondering if I could get the Prologue guys outfit? Open 5
Where is the catacomb gold? Answered 2
Who has the abyssal set? Open 1
Why can't i find my dlc items? Answered 1
Would anybody like to trade Abyssinal Greaves and Bracers for Dwells In Light and Angel's Fist? Unanswered 0
Wyrm Hunt License explanation? Open 2
Strategy Help status answers
2Handed wepon normal attacks use stamina? Open 1
Any moster tips/guides in the pipe line? Answered 3
Assassin/Ranger? Answered 2
Best Party Setup? Answered 3
Best time to change your vocation? Answered 3
Call me stupid but what are the status ailments? Answered 1
Can failed missions be retried? Open 1
Can I play as my second in command? Answered 1
Can i switch from strider to sourcerer to magick archer easily? Open 2
Can someone explain to me about this game ? Answered 2
Daggers for rangers or assassin? Answered 1
Do rangers...? Answered 1
Do stats matter? Answered 1
Do you have to run everywhere? Answered 1
Does Dexterity help you climb large monsters faster? Open 1
Dragon's Dogma: What is the best approach for a pure str. build? Open 2
Getting Rift Crystals from my pawn? Open 1
Great Cannon Glitch? Open 1
Help me with my Mystic Knight build? Open 3
How can I change my job class to...? Answered 3
How can I make my pawn's first characteristic "Guardian"? Answered 2
How do I attack faster? Answered 1
How do I get high strength and higher stamina ?? Answered 2
How do I increase my vocation level? Answered 2
How do I pin an enemy? Open 3
How do you dismiss pawns? Open 1
How to increase affinity with someone? Open 3
How to let people use my Pawn? Open 2
If i start a new game +? Open 2
Magick Archer Skill (Brontide and Backfire)? Open 1
Mystic Knight Build? Answered 1
Mystic Knight Sword+Shield and Staff Build?? Open 1
Need help with my mystic knight build? Unanswered 0
Pawn Equipment? Open 2
Perdition? Open 3
Playing alone tips? Answered 1
Pros and Cons of Female Arisen? Answered 1
Stupid Ur-Dragon question, sorry? Answered 1
Summoner? Answered 1
What build can I use for a balanced assassin and what Vocation should my Mpawn be? help! Unanswered 0
What is the best strategy for killing drake ? Answered 2
What is the best team to take on ur dragon? Answered 2
What is the best traits or attitude for a pawn? Answered 2
Whats the best vocation for a user, main pawn and support pawns? Answered 1
When contributing damage to the UR-Dragon, does delivering the final blow negate all previous damage? Answered 1
Where is this glowing tower of healing? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Dragon forged)? Answered 2
Abbysal set needed !!!? Open 1
accidently killed someone ANY1 HELP ME? Open 1
Actually who is blackcat? Answered 1
After 'The Final Battle'..? [Spoiler] Open 1
Another use for rift crystals? Answered 1
Anyone be willing to gift/trade abyssinaloutfit or talarianwhite for dwellsinlight or angelsfist or lustrousgreatshield? Unanswered 0
Anyone have any good end game gear they would be willing to gift? mystic knight/magic archer Answered 1
Anyone know a reliable FAQ/Walkthrough? Open 1
Are the Hero/Coin Collector achievements over lifetime? Answered 1
Bank & Change Vacation other than Gran Soren Inn? Open 1
Better gear? Answered 1
Can anyone help my pawn? Unanswered 0
Can anyone trafe me abbyssal armor? Unanswered 0
Can i change my basic vocation to another basic vocation by spending discipline points? Answered 1
Can i changing my vocation, and get still my level 20 character? Open 2
Can I romance Madeline after bad business? Open 1
Can I switch directly from A Strider to a Magic Archer ? Answered 2
Can some one give me a good weapon and armor for warr and mystic knight and assasin and rc? Open 1
Can some one help me with my pawn? Open 2
Can some one use my pawn her name is Mana need good gear plz ? Open 1
Can someone trade me an abyssal set please? Open 1
Can you change the design of your main pawn later on ? Answered 1
Can you marry? Answered 1
Can you romance someone of the same gender? Open 2
Can you seen my pawn? Open 2
Can you Travel on a Griffin? Open 6
Can't get quest? Mason stubborn... Open 2
Cant get eternal ferry stone back? Help Answered 1
Captain not appear in encampment? Open 1
Changing vocation? Open 2
Chaos armor? Answered 1
Character's weight? Answered 1
Chest Reset in Everfall? Open 1
Chilling razors/dragons armor? Open 1
Class lvl up? Open 4
Corrupt Game Data help gifting some items? Open 3
Could someone do some RC runs with my pawn? Unanswered 0
Creating weapons? Answered 7
Custom armor colors? Open 1
Cyclops ? Open 1
Dark arisen? Open 2
Day/Night Cycle?... Open 3
Dead inn keeper? Answered 1
Dead on the first date? Answered 1
Do I need multiplayer? Open 1
Do you keep Skin / hair color options if you start a new game? Open 1
Do you keep your Rift Crystals in the New Game +? Answered 1
Does anyone have a spare abyssinal armor? I am dying to get one! Open 1
Does anyone have the twilight armor? Answered 1
Does anyone want to trade weapons? Open 1
Does armor rating affect how high one can fall? Open 1
Does Pawn Ratings carry over in New Game +? Open 1
Does Quince come back after post game? Open 1
Does strength affect range? Open 1
Does the Trajectory augment affect the range of magic bow lock-ons?? Open 1
Does this game get old or stale? Answered 1
Does this game have many resemblance's to Berserk? Open 1
Dragons Dogma Gameshare? Open 1
Dragons Dogma- The Wyrmking's Ring quest - Ring missing?? Please help? Open 2
Elemental swords help? Open 1
Essential to buy equipment? Open 2
Everfall Ending (Spoiler Alert, look only when you've finished!)? Open 1
Finding Julien? Answered 1
Fournival? Answered 1
Getting a love interest after failing a quest? Open 1
Getting out of the dungeon? Open 2
Gold idol to madeleine or caxton? Open 1
Good way to raise Mag Atk? Answered 1
Gran soren union inn is empty ? Answered 4
Gransys World Map? Answered 1
Grit - Purpose??? Open 3
Has anyone seen a griffon post game? Open 2
HELP how do i fix the trading limit HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!??????? Open 1
Hiring My Pawn? Answered 2
how do i Dragon Forged ? Answered 2
How do i get the inn keeper back to groen? Open 1
How do I make a pawn? Open 3
How do I make madeleine open her Shop? Open 2
How do i obtain port crystals?..... Open 2
How do I unlock Magic Archer high level skills? Open 2
How do I unlock the high level skills? Open 1
How do i use the pawn shareing club? Open 1
How do you give a gift to your love interest? Open 2
How do you know how many job points you're earning from killing enemies? Open 1
How do you pick up party members? Answered 1
How do you remove waypoints on the map? Answered 1
How do you take screenshots on PS3 version of Dragon's Dogma? Open 3
How does holy boon/affinity work with healing you? Answered 1
How exactly does one get to New game+? Answered 3
How is this game? Answered 2
How many pieces of equipment can I wear at one time? Answered 1
how much can you trade this for at game stop? XD Open 1
How to become assasin? Answered 2
How to dig treasures out? Open 1
How to escape duke's dungeon? Answered 1
How to get Asalam back in the Pawn Guild? Open 1
How to get back where I left off in BBI? Open 1
How to get into the Blighted Manse if I skipped meeting Aelinore? Open 1
How to gift jayce? Answered 1
How to go first person? Open 2
How to perform a perfect counter/block? Answered 3
How to trade equipment? Open 1
How to use these skills? Open 1
I have a question about enhancing ur weapons post game? Open 1
I need help understanding the lowered defensive status meanings? Answered 1
I'm being sent to a previous generation of the ur-dragon. why? Open 1
If I beat the game? Open 2
If i do some of the from a different sky quests will i have to do them again on ng+? Answered 1
If your main pawn dies, is it permenant? and can you rent 3 pawns? Answered 1
In NG+, do you only get the sidequests you missed in your first time? Answered 1
Is anyone familiar with this specific pawn? Open 1
Is Dragon's Dogma Worth It? PS3? Open 1
Is it playable if you don't have internet? Open 1
Is it possible that you can obtain all of the skill in 1 vocation? Open 2
Is it possible to change your character's appearance in the middle of the game? Answered 1
Is my game missing the Drake? Open 1
Is the hardmode dlc still downloadable? Answered 1
Is there a new game + ? Open 1
Is there any co-op or multiplayer mode that i can play with my friends? Answered 1
Level 3 pawn knowledge please confirm? Answered 1
Looking for a high powered sword? Will trade with gold. Open 1
Low level pawn? Answered 2
Madeleine bugged? Answered 1
Madeleine: Gold idol vs romance? Answered 1
Max level in under 3 hours? Answered 1
Missing armor? Answered 1
More than one character? Open 3
My buddy's pawn doesn't appear? Answered 3
My friend got the innkeeper ending for the dragon? Open 3
My gifted item someone gave me never showed up? Answered 1
My Save State Got Corrupted and Now I Must Start Over? Unanswered 0
Need a WAIT command button? Open 2
Need nebula cape help please? Answered 1
Need some questions answered please? Open 1
New Game...DLC? Answered 2
NPC chat box color code? Answered 1
Ok what the hell? Open 1
Pawn level infinite? Answered 3
Pawn problem ? Open 1
Pawn Ratings? Answered 1
Pawns Offline ? Answered 1
Pawns That Revive Themselves? Answered 1
Pawns? Open 1
Please help me..i am stuck in the game..what could i do? Open 4
Please help me? Open 1
Post end game? Answered 1
Question about the "Griffon"? Open 1
Questions about NG+? Open 2
RE6 code invalid? Open 2
Rift Guild Trouble! Not receiving anything? Open 3
Romance? Answered 1
Save files and playback? Open 2
Stupid question about pawns? Answered 1
Suggest character weight/height for Strider? Answered 2
The Armorer Trophy Help? Open 3
The armorer trophy/achievment via money? Answered 1
The golden idol in new game+? Answered 1
The pawns I hired died & they disappeared with all the items they were carrying. Is there a way to get both back? Answered 1
Toxicity and miasma? Answered 1
Trading dragons band for a abyssinal set piece? Open 1
Trading for better armor? Open 2
Trading my ascalon for ur abyssinal or masks? Open 2
Trying to buy carrots for infinate money but lady only have 40? Open 1
Turn off helmet? Open 1
Ur-dragon beach location? Answered 1
Viewing Inclinations? Open 2
Was wondering what would be a good armor set for a mystic archer? Answered 1
What carries over from the Adventure Demo? Open 1
What do I do to make Madeleine open her shop? Open 1
What happens to your main pawns items once you start a new game??? Answered 1
What is the best party to kill an ogre? Open 2
What is the difference between a mage and a sorcerer? Answered 4
What is the fastest way to get more rc points? Answered 6
What's the different? Answered 2
When do the shopkeepers upgrade their equipment? Open 1
Where are the DLC quests? Answered 1
Where can find a Wyvern? Answered 1
Where can i find alon after i cleared the quarry? Answered 1
Where could I find a Hydra/Griffon? Answered 1
Where did this NPC go? Open 1
Where do I apply for conspirators quest? Answered 1
Where i go to change vocation after the Grand Soren Inn is destroid??? Answered 2
Where is Julien!? Open 1
where is Mercedes? Open 2
Where is the all female outpost? Answered 2
Where is the Rift Crystal merchant? Answered 1
Where is Valmiro? Open 4
Where's Alon postgame? Open 2
Why does my health regenerate? Answered 1
Why does the Guards DCP exploit need to be done in post-game? Open 2
why won't my pawn ranger use the special arrows I give them? Answered 3
Will I have my old pawn if I make a new game? Unanswered 0
Will people please use my pawn i need RC? Open 1
Will the pawns you're using level up with the other main user's pawn? Open 4
Wtt everfall items for abyssinal gear???? Open 3
Wtt st dfed st georgies mask for siegfried? Open 4

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