Question from dreadlord01

Help getting to leanbox?

Where can i find the items need to fix the tram to get to leanbox

dreadlord01 provided additional details:

Cheers :)

Zombielokii asked for clarification:

What exactly are the items? I've got the Sail and the head-thing but now I don't know what to do with them.

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rufusyork answered:

The 3 items are anchor, sail, and figurehead

anchor---from No More Summer breaks quest--- defeat Terist x3 and Lionvader x3

sail--from Plummet in the Plum-met quest --- collect plum-met piece x2

figurehead--from Tall, Bespectacled Wishes--- collect stellar frames x2

once you've reported these quests to the guild an event will auto trigger
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xizro345 answered:

There are a couple of quests (check the Guild) that give the items needed to get to Leanbox.
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