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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I use books?

I have brought some books from the bookstores and it tells me they are at the assassins den. However I carnt find them. I was hoping to be able to read them.

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From: orgynator 3 years ago

I doubt you can read them because I know one of the books was the Odyssey and that is a LONG book, though I have not tried and so I don't know for sure. But they are at the main assassin den in one of the rooms. The room in particular they're in is a library. The books should be on pedestals inside the library.

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Orgynator described the location pretty well. Once you find them in the hideout, you can interact with them. When you do that, it gives a little information about the book and/or a story about the author.

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In other words, if you have played assassins creed 2 or BH, its a little bit like the paintings.

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While there are pedestals for the special books, All the books that you can purchase are on the bookshelves (On tiny pedestals) in the library of the Assassin HQ.

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Just to give you a better idea of the room they are in if you still do not know. it is the room that you have to go to in order to do the missions as altiar

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At the main Assassin's Guild. You inspect the book shelves in the library.

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So there is absolutely no purpose to these books than to merely "have them in your collection"? No extra EXP or lowered notoriety? Seems like I should focus more on restoring structures from now on...

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