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How and where do I craft/make bombs?

Is there a specific sequence you start making bombs, or how do I do them and where?

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chaosnomadzero answered:

I don't remember the sequence but it's early on you'll know when you get there once you do there'll be a white bomb icon on the map that's where you craft bombs and send assassins on missions there's also a bomb crafting table in every assassin den.
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dmlocke18 answered:

Half way through sequence 3 you will meet with Yousuf and he will teach you how to do this.... I think the first 3 or 4 sequences are worth going through before going full out and exploring.... I had already maxed out on some bomb supplies by the time I started making them.
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tallscorpio29 answered:

Don't forget you can make them in your assasins den!
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Mattthew77 answered:

You meet with Yousuf after showing you around and showing you the ropes and he will teach you how to make bombs and then you can meake them at your dens our there are white bombs on your map you can make them there too
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