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How to obtain all costumes??

I need to know how to obtain all Costumes?

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The third costumes?

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rambold answered:

well the first outfit is Desmond for completeting all Desmond's Sequences by gathering Abstergo Data Fragments.
The second one is Altairs Old outfit for completeting 100% sequence 8, the third one os Altairs robes for pre-ordering animus edition.
The fourth are the brutus armour from brotherhood getting by pre-ordering the game the fifth is the turkish armour by getting all 10 ishak pages scattered around the map, so theres more than 3.
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Axel990 answered:

Desmond- complete all Desmond SQ's
Old Alatair- Compete all of SQ 8 with 100%

Thats all I know.
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supahduude answered:

The first costume is Desmond, you get it by completing all Desmond sequences on animus island
The second costume is old Altair, you get it by gettin 100% synch on sequence 8
The third costume is the Brutus armor from brotherhood, i got it via preorder of the animus edition in holland

i believe there are two more skins: young altair and the turkish assassin armor skin, i don't know how to get them though, i believe they are both unavailable for now in europe but i don;t know about america
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XOminousX answered:

From what i heard if you get 100% sync on sequence 9 you get the original Altair outfit. (3rd outfit) What "supahduude" stated for the rest is correct as well. The Turkish Assassin armor i got from doing Sofia's mission which becomes available after you collect all 10 ishak pages in the game. Some saying Special Pre-order collectors edition comes with or is only way to get that armor, but i don't have the collectors edition. I have signature edition which is only one step higher than basic. Anyways good luck I'm sure it will be well know be all soon enough.
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