Question from EZIOFOLITO

On the unlockables what do the killing spree, infinite ammo and calling all assassins do?

I unlocked by getting 100% sync on the specified sequences and I can't tell what they do? As well as permanent secrecy and old eagle

skillsnatcha asked for clarification:

How do i Activate them? It says i unlocked all of them (have 100% on all sequences) but the killing spree, infinate ammo and calling all assassins arent working (although i do have the old atair skin)


KunichiMinamino answered:

Well, I know that permanent secrecy just keeps your level of Templar awareness at zero. Old Eagle is the old altair skin.
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trevorsnake80 answered:

Well, Killing spree lets you kill enemys in one hit... a useful tool. Infinite ammo makes all your weapons that have ammo, like throwing knives, and the hidden gun unlimited ammo so you dont have to buy more. And calling all assassins lets your assassin meter to never run out, or all assassins are turned into master assassins.
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skillsnatcha answered:

Nevermind, i found out that you have to be replaying memories, go into options and then turn on the "cheats"
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xxvii21 answered:

@trevorsnake80 The one that makes them master assasin is the ultimate guild cheat
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