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Asked: 3 years ago

Where are the missing weapons and costume?

im missing a few weapons and 1 of the 3 costumes. i have desmond and old eagle. where are the other weapons and costume? i have done it all, i have a platinum trophy and done more then asked in-game.... WHERE ARE THEY!?

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Some costumes can only be gotten with pre-order bonuses.
As for the weapons, there's 3 I think that can only be gotten in Cappadocia.

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I have the special edition and theres a few weapons and armor that don't appear in the standard versions

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To get all the weapons, books, and such, you have to go back Capadoccia, the templar ruled city you go in one of the later missions. to get to the city you need to go to the northern island, and at the very eastern corner there would be a boat that takes you directly there. also buy all the books if youre trying to get the Sage trophy

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