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Is there a console exclusive character like in past SC games?

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Wandrian answered:

There are no console exclusives.

Dampierre(a DLC character) was an incentive for preorders at certain retailers(Best Buy in the US, others elsewhere) and he's going to be released as a paid DLC for everyone down the line anyways.

The collector's edition includes two exclusive armors and that's it for exclusive in-game content.

There are a few non-game items given for preorders in various countries and stores, including two bobble heads and two shirts. You'll want to look that up though, it varies pretty widely.
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Andrasteris answered:

From what has been shown thus far, there aren't any console specific characters. There is an exclusive character however, Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2. If the game has add-on content there may be console exclusive characters at a later time.
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muzakislife answered:

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